Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Final Numbers Are In

Today we were able to get the bottom line in what we owe and what we here goes.  

We owe $2320 for the rest of our fees, and travel.  

But we were also thrown a surprise a bit ago....we were told when we first talked about Sara to the agency that held her file that her orphanage fees would be waived.  That agency then switched her file to our agency.  When our Letter of Acceptance came, we were able to officially apply for that fee to be waived.  The original agency who held her file refused to step in for us.  Now, we were offered a $500 reduction by her orphanage which we are very grateful for.  But, the remaining money due on her orphanage fee is $5,000.  

So, the remainder for us to be fully funded is $7400.

This is what we know as truth....

This was NO surprise to God...We chose to Trust HIM on this matter.

We leave on Sunday to travel to get Sara and Jacob...we are walking forward in faith!

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