Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Turning Our Hearts Towards Home

Yesterday....we slept in way further than I dreamed possible.  We woke up to the maid banging on our door and ringing the doorbell at 9:30.  She left, we showered and didn't get moving out the door until 10:45.  We skipped the breakfast thing and went for lunch.

We met with our group at 2 for a day of sight seeing.

We went to the 6 Banyon tree Temple.  It was at a Buddhist temple that was 1400 years.  The history part was pretty amazing.  This temple now leans so much no one is allowed to climb it.  We learned about how the people are always looking for a new Buddha.  They make statues of the men they think are the newest Buddha and worship that person.  

We saw pictures of deceased relatives which each family member pays about 8000 yen a year for them to be prayed for through the year.  The walls were lined with photos.  

One family saw someone rolling rocks looking for answers to their life problems.

This religion encompasses about 80% of the Chinese population.

We then traveled to a museum for those with the last name of Chang.  After asking many questions and hearing the guide, we understand that anyone with that last name comes here every so many years to participate in worshiping their ancestors.  This is another common practice here.

But inside the building were amazing displays of the craftsmanship of people on China...we saw ivory carving, porcelain, and wood carving.  

We also saw furniture that was about 100 years old that was set up in rooms as it would appear in a house at that time.  It actually looked very similar to the room we saw in Beijing when we met the Cricket Man.

We met a young woman whose family have been artists for generations.  They paint the inside of beads, glass jars, and any novelty along those lines.  She spoke very good English and shared her family history.  I loved learning about her family!

We then headed to a local park. It was on a lake.  There were lots of people playing games, socializing and there were three bands playing music.  It was quite festive.  

We enjoyed listening to the music and watching several groups of people playing this game.  They had a weighted flat piece with a feather on it.  They kicked it off their shoes, bounced it off their heads and enjoyed every minute of it.  The only rule we saw was...no hands.  It was amazing to watch them play.

Today is our last full day here.  We pick up our Visas around 11:45 today.  We will get things packed up.  We have to be checked out and ready to fly by 5:30 am tomorrow morning.

In the last few days...everyone has been turning their hearts towards home.  Sara and Jacob have been asking to go home for awhile.  Jacob has been asking since we got him.  They are so ready for family.

Our prayers have been for God to knit our hearts together.  We have seen that happening in small steps...these two newest Lowman's are pretty amazing.  We can't wait for all of us to be together again!

Praising the Lord for what He has done!

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