Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We have our Letter of Acceptance in our hands!

Ready to hit the road running with the next step....I-800!

Step by step...little by little....walking towards our boys!
Just loving it!

Did You Hear Them?

Last night during our family Bible study we talked of Heaven.  We talked of what it will be like there and the kids had many sweet questions on it.

This little guy...our Devon was excited about the prospects of Heaven.  We shared what you needed to do to get there....the free gift!

Admit you are a sinner and need a Savior
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
Call upon Him to save you 

He asked to pray with his dad.  It was a sweet time as a family.  He was SO excited!

The Bible says when just one sinner repents and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ that the very angels in Heaven rejoice!  They rejoiced last night over our sweet Devon.  

We celebrated as a family and had ice cream....mmmmm.  Wonderful on a hot, sticky summer night!

So grateful for last night!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Post and Beam 2

Darrell, Michael and Jason were able to help out Jesse Remington High School on a recent post and beam project.  Here they are helping with a hearse house.  This museum has one of the oldest, well kept horse drawn hearses in the area.  They are building this building to keep it under cover and protected from the elements yet highly visible in the large windows that will be installed.  

It was fun to be apart of this community project.

Lots of,workers in hand.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Bit of Celebrating and Music

Last Thursday night, our kids had their first music recital at our home.  We have 3 kids taking piano and one on violin.  Their teachers are long time friends of ours, Grace and Maddie Winslow.

They are very patient with our kids. 

 While we were planning on a few things for the recital, Mary Winslow whispers that she ordered a cake to celebrate Grace and her brother Jon's 10 years of being adopted from Haiti and home with their family!  We were excited to be a part of this!  We also had  Martha Donnelley and the Bennett family join us for this celebration.

We ate lots of pizza that night, listened to the kids music and then watched a short video that our daughter, Michaela took when Grace, Jon, Mary and Maddie arrived in Boston 10 years ago.  It was wonderful to see so many young children that have grown into wonderful young people and are still apart of our lives.
A sign made by our kids to celebrate the evening.

Here is Grace and Jon checking out the cake with pictures of then and now!

Jason on the piano.

Brandon on the violin.

Kiara announcing her piece.

Grace and Maddie trying to tune the violin to our piano.

Kiara playing the piano.

Michael playing the piano.

Some of the Winslows listening.

This is Martha surrounded by all the kiddos.

Norm and Cindy Bennett listening to the music.

Maddie waiting patiently for the kids to play their pieces.

Michaela and her puppy Bailey joined us too!

What a wonderful sweet fellowship this night turned out to be....grateful for the b,ensigns all around us!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fundraising for The Boys

We have had lots of fun things going on here at our place.  We have had a week of VBS and a week of Wilderness camp.....It is summer after all.....a bit of adventure is always a good thing!

But, having said that...we are in the middle of an adoption and need to get the word out there about our fund raisers to help bring these 2 boys home.

We are selling Just Love Coffee....award winning coffee that helps us out is a good thing.  Check out the sidebar for the link to our coffee store.

We are also a 5/5/5 family this month for Reeces Rainbow.  If you would like to help out 5 families in their adoption...the link is on our sidebar along with the link for our family support page.

But this post is about the scarves that Jess made for us....she donated them to us for our adoption.  Some have sold....exciting to see and I have relisted them individually...all 19!  If you don't see a color you want....let us know.

Each scarf is $25 and that includes shipping.  If you are local....we could meet up and that would save you the $5 shipping.  It is pretty easy....each one has a number.  Leave a comment in the comment section of which ones you are interested in and we will get it out to you.  

Thanks for looking!  God Bless!

Scarves by Jess.....

Scarf 1--sold

Scarf 2

Scarf 3

Scarf 4

Scarf 5-sold

Scarf 6--sold

Scarf 7--sold

Scarf 8

Scarf 9

Scarf 10

Scarf 11

Scarf 12

Scarf 13

Scarf 14

Scarf 15

Scarf 16

Scarf 17--sold

Scarf 18

Scarf 19

Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh My That Was Fast!

Heard today that our Dossier was reviewed and matched!  What normally takes weeks only took one day!

Praising the Lord for this today!


We were at camp when these last 2 updates came in....We have Soft LOA!

This Hope

We all went to an amazing concert tonight....we heard THIS HOPE! if you get a chance to go....RUN!

You won't be sorry...enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another Step Closer

Today we heard that our dossier is out of translation and in Review. I am sure there is an acronym for this but I have no idea what it is!  Just happy to have the next step in process!

It is being pushed through quite a bit faster and for that we are thankful!

One step closer to our sweet boys!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Post and Beam

Jason has been taking classes at Jesse Remington High School for Post and Beam.

Although it is summer....they are still hard at work finishing projects.

This past weekend, Darrell and Michael were able,to join the team building a bridge on private property.

It was exciting to see the process and the product.

Monday, July 6, 2015

$$ Five Dollars $$

What could you do with $5?

Buy a fancy coffee at a coffee shop?  Rent a couple of movies from Red Box? Buy a soda and a bag of chips?
What if I told you that you could change the life of an orphan somewhere in the world them come home?  Help them be a part of something Community? belonging?

Yes! $5 can do just that!  Especially when we all band together and do this easy, no pain thing....the impact is even greater!

Each month, families are banning together to help bring home 5 orphans....helping 5 orphans come home to their home....home sweet home.  Something they have longed for, dreamt about, wished for...Reeces Rainbow hosts the 5/5/5 program....helping 5 families bring home 5 orphans $5 at a time. Each month ...5 new families get chosen .....each month 5 orphans get closer to coming home!  

Amazing but true!

Sweet deal, huh?

Think of the impact you could have!  Want to join us?  Want to make a difference?  

But guess what?  It gets even BETTER!  For the month of July....WE HAVE BEEN CHOSED AS ONE OF THE 5 FAMILIES FOR JULY!.......and guess what?  This month is a special deal....because any money that is donated helps to bring both of our boys home ....more bang for your buck.

I just can't wait to see them...hold them...bring them home and share our lives with them!  It is exciting to know they will be here soon.

Would you please consider coming alongside US And donating $5 ( or more if you would like) and please consider signing up to do this monthly will make such a difference for so many kids!

Please click on the Reeces Rainbow 5/5/5 Donate Now on the right side of our blog OR click here