Thursday, March 16, 2017

Next Stop

Today, we packed our things up and headed out on the Bullet Train...not an easy move with luggage and 5 of us!

Making the move towards the city of Guangzhou in the southeast at speeds up to 206 kilometers per hour on the train.  This is where the US Consulate is that will give the children final approval to travel to the US.

We watched as small villages buzzed by....farms, rice patties, locals working in the fields, water buffaloes, mountains giving way to open valleys.  The landscape is quite different than the big bustling cities that we have spent our time in so far.

This is the last leg of our journey.  Tomorrow the children will have their medical appointments.  We will have the weekend to explore the area before our Consulate appointment on Monday.  Then it will be another paper chase until we obtain  Sara and Jacob's visa's.  Once that is done, we are free to travel home.

Jacob has asked about going home since we left Beijing.  He longs for it.  He has drilled each guide how much longer before we leave.  He seems to have settled in for the wait.

Sara is more on the quiet side.  She dotes on Jacob and has rescued us a few times on food orders and stepped in when I struggled with communication.  She has very few English words but is very attentive and has helped because she knew the situation.  She is a sweet heart.

Brandon and Michaela have been great blessings on this trip.  I am grateful for their presence.

Thankful for the story that has unfolded so far....excitedly waiting for the next chapter.

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