Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year....seems to be a very big deal in China where families comes together and celebrate, time is given off from work and school and everyone eats lots of good food together!

This year, with a little urging from Ben...we made all of our own food!  We also invited a friend of ours who also has 2 children from China.

So here are a few pictures of the fun we had....

Ben, our chief dumpling maker with his trusty side kick, Kiara.  She is always up for some good food adventures in the kitchen!

Some of treats....fried rice, teriyaki chicken, pork roll, lo mein, Asian vegetables, dumplings, crab was all so good!  The biggest debate of the night was to use chopsticks or a fork....we had to hold Ben back...he can't believe we can eat faster than him with chopsticks and we don't let him use the steam shovel method--picking up your plate and raking it in!  The good news is that some used forks but most stuck to their chopsticks.  

We topped it off with a nerf gun fight and brownies and ice cream....a sweet ending to a fun night!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Yes! We are DTC!



Three letters that in the Chinese Adoption world mean BIG stuff!  Dossier To's been a long, rough road for us this time but sweet--none the less...sweet!

We long to bring home these two kiddos!  Jacob and Sara....we are praying for you to prepare our hearts and our home for your arrival!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

God Has His Hand on Her Life

This girl....yes, this is the one!  You have to hear her is pretty amazing.'s Seriously, amazing!

This girl was an orphan and adopted in her home country.  We do not know the details.  Her adoptive father passed away.  She was taken to the local orphanage.  I just can't imagine how hard this was for her.

She was close to an aging out situation....she would lose her chance at ever having family....

BUT as she would have it....a family came for her!  

While shopping in China, her new family went into a book store.  They even let her pick a book!  She chose a comic book.  Just a simple act.....

The family left her....left her in China because she did not pick a 'classic' is how the story goes....somehow, was picked up in the local media.  There was an outcry...After all, she was an age out.

But sometimes all of our hopes come tumbling down....but then HE always makes Beauty from Ashes!

The ONE who has always known her...took those ashes and used them for her good.

A unnamed public official orders a bone density scan to prove her age.  It finds she is younger than expected and a new age is set! Praise God!

And then....our stories collide!  

Actually crash through a series of events!

We (me actually) were looking at aging out boys....ONLY boys.  

My hubby said I feel it's a girl....I laughed (you would think by now I would just kind of know better!). You see dear husband, there can't be a girl because said wife is not looking at girls!  End of story!  

But we all know how that goes...

Well....somehow Sara's file ends up at our agency.  They were doing work for another agency and it fell through!

We get a call...Louisa, we feel this is your girl!  I am always open....and ask questions.  When I call my hubby, he immediately looks for the email, opens her file and knows.....

"That's my girl!  Let's go get her!"

(Yep, never, ever laugh ladies)

Don't you just love it when God has a bigger plan and it just catches you off guard and you find that it is...well, a BEAUTIFUL thing?

It seems HE has had His hand on her life and we are so grateful to be a part of her story!

Please help us pray this sweet young girl home!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Help us Bring HOME Sara and Jacob

This amazing little company is coming along side us to help us bring home Jacob and Sara!  The have pledged all of of their profits for the month of January towards our adoption!  How cool is that?

We are SO excited to be a part of this and to offer it to you too.  Local folks...this company is right in our home town and we can get product to you locally.  If you aren't local....they are offering a flat rate shipping for all extra bonus gift!

Place your order here at this link

You will receive great....ALL natural products and help us bring our kiddos home!