Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January Beach Day

Ben and Eli didn't have any idea just how close the beach was to our house.  We are so close on Mondays when we travel to our science co-op.

At least until yesterday....a beautiful day....warm temperatures despite the rough seas. It made for dramatic scenery.

Ben talked about how beautiful America was....and then they ran, taunted the waves, looked for shells, found a lobster trap washed up on the beach.

It was good to be in the fresh air.

Can't wait until the beautiful summer months....we love the beach.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Finally Snow

It is so beautiful outside our window ....

Lovely pictures

It is such a treat to sip some tea and just be still in this slower season.

Finding time to treasure these days.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Years Eve

Happy New Year!  We have a long standing tradition of spending New Years with Pizza, arcade games and then head home for family games, snacks and celebrating.  Here are a few pictures of our night....

Jason at the favorite game of the night!

Eli and Rebecca giggling on the coaster.

Ben trying his hand at the jet ski...

Michael waiting for the favorite game of the night!

Kiara still likes some of the smaller kid games...we played ar hockey too in an itty bitty game!

Devon and Joseph reachin hung for coins on the water balloon game.

Rebecca spinning her way up in the air.

Brandon bringing in the basketballs from our night at the arcade.

We had a wonderful night together!

A New Hampshire January

This month has been odd but a wonderful gift...

It is usually a time to hunker down and stay warm while we really focus on school, indoor projects, knitting and crafts or cuddling up with a good book.  But this January has brought little snow and warmer weather so...we have been sending the kids outside.  Here are a few pictures....

Ben and Eli have been introduced to Star Wars and beg everyday to go out with their light savers.
Jason and Ben
Joe...he goes back and forth between battles and sledding.
Mike....aka Darth
Eli loves the camera

The battles continue....
Did you notice everyone wearing snow boots, winter coats and some in their t-shirts.
And here are some of our sledders....Kiara and Rebecca
Oh.....what do,you think of Kiara's retainer?

Here is a picture of Ben's bear den that we did in our Homegrown Preschool program.  He spent the most time building it and he didn't climb into the bear den that we built out of tables and blankets to eat his hibernation snack....even the big kids like these activities and all of them climbed into the den.

Well...thanks for visiting.  Here to hoping that the next few months has a few more days like is one!