Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our Friend George

This our friend George Dennehy. Our children love to talk about him to their friends. He is inspiring, an overcomer, and loves the Lord.

We first were introduced to him about 2 years ago when a friend suggested we watch a you tube video on his family who has adopted many special needs children.

Last November we were privileged to meet him at a conference and our son, Jason, worked his table selling his cd of all original music he has written and preformed.  Our family loves this cd.

He was in New Hampshire this week to testify in behalf of the unborn.  We too were asked to testify in the same session.  We then caught up again with him on Wednesday at a local church.

His story is amazing....born in Romania, considered cursed, left in a full and overflowing orphanage.... alone... to little to understand why.  He was one of the least of these ....
He was adopted by a Virginia family who had been challenged at church to do something  big.  They chose to adopt.  They looked for a child no one wanted.  They saw George and knew he was theirs.

Unwanted became wanted.

Loved became loved.

It is a powerful thing when the Father orchestrates our lives.  

Lives change.

Healing happens.  

Opportunities arise.  

Obstacles overcome.

Powerful things happen with our lives.

When God brings you through it.  He will use you to help others, inspire their hearts, and be a tool in His Kingdom.

This guy spells amazing and he will wow you with all that he is capable...plays guitar, piano, and uses his feet like we use our hands! Humble you with all that he has walked through.  Show you how powerful a life lived for Jesus is a life worth living.

Praising God for the things he has done.
Romans 10:15
And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Created For Care

This retreat filled up in under 15 minutes.....900 slots....back in August.  I was SO excited to get one and move forward with great anticipation.  How could it get better? Adoption buddy was joining me.

My hubby knew we were go to be tired for our early morning flight when he woke every few hours to hear us chatting through the night.  We were excited....really excited.  That morning, despite the free pat down at the airport thanks to a candle that was brought as a donation requested by the ministry team, we found everything funny.  That is what happens when you have lack of sleep.  

When we arrived in Atlanta...the air was chilly.  Chillier than the NH winter we had just left.  We traveled north to our hotel, settled in for some rest and relaxation a day before the retreat started.  We walked the around the beautiful lake, found a swing by the lake and made good use of it, went to Moonies for bar BQ and chatted and laughed.

Our retreat included wonderful speakers, moms with many like hearts, hearing people's stories--adoptive moms and those that had been adopted.  I was blown away with the Creative quiet time and the deep places it brought me and those surrounding me.  The Bible journaling class was exciting and our children have implemented it with much enthusiasm.  It was good...ALL good to connect, refresh and learn.  The hearts of the ladies who run this retreat are amazing...they are committed to the details and giving us an amazing time away.

The speakers words have stuck with me....put on the armour, send your straight arrows, finding hope through our kids stories, letting God work in their lives, pouring our hearts out in prayer for our families....arise and shine....through it all.

One sweet mama gave me a gift she had made and brought to the conference to bless someone....a necklace with an anchor in it and the verse from Hebrews....this hope is an anchor to my soul.  What a blessing to go along with my weekend.

Powerful things are happening in our homes....loving that we found Created for Care.   Excited to share with my family in the coming days.  Many blessings were to be had.