Friday, March 24, 2017

Home....and a New Challenge

Yes,  after a day that starts at 4 am in China and included 16 hours on a plane, a lay over and lots of long lines we arrived home about 4:30 in the USA to our excited family!  We then ventured to dinner on the way home before we all moved onto the next adventure but...

We are HOME!

What a sweet word!

With just a few hours under our belt...we woke again at 3:30 to get this guy on his way.  He flew out this morning to arrive in Texas.  He is headed for an adventure of his own...

He is spending the next 9 weeks at the International Alert Academy.  He will be challenged on many levels.  He is excited and we all believe he is ready.

But....boy, oh, boy...we sure will miss him!

Prayers for our boy...taking on a new challenge!

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