Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Catching Up On Our Fall....

It seems we blinked and and we are in October already!  Time is soaring by but it is good.

We've spent our fall entrenched in our studies…books, projects and the great out doors makes for an exciting school day where everyone falls into bed at night…happy and healthy.

Here is one of our first day of school photos…

We've been hiking a bit more…

To our beloved Deerfield fair….

Horse back riding, Maranatha fun day…we did a ride up to see the beautiful NH color on the Kangamungas Highway…that was spectacular!  We've been entrenched in a few service projects too.

Our kiddos have made big strides….one was diagnosed with dyslexia this summer.  We've done intense work with him and during our group read aloud….he recently requested a book.  He said, “Mom, its like magic in my head when I read.  I can see the picture in my mind,”. How cool is that?  Seriously?  It makes all of the hard work that we put in this summer with school pay off….a beautiful thing.

We are missing Jason as he zooms across the country with the International Alert Mobile Response Unit.  He has been on the front lines to some of the disasters, met some amazing ministry leaders working out there, was in the same room as Vice President Mike Pence and Franklin Graham and is currently working in Pennsylvania at a Father Son Leadership Conference…one that he was an attendee last year with his own dad.  He is loving his adventures but says he is ready to come home.  We are excited for all that the Lord had provided for him…it has grown and stretched him in so many ways.  We are so grateful for the Alert Cadet and Alert programs and the influence it has had on our families.

Well…that's all for now.  Hoping to catch up here a bit more regularly.  Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Glorious Summer

We have had an amazing summer….

Sometimes you don't even realize what you need until you reflect back on what you've walked through….our days have slowed down this summer without chasing paperwork.

We have had sunny days filled with…




Trips to Canobie Lake



Wilderness Camp and VBS

We've discovered Geocaching…our kids are on fire for this…they love the adventure of searching for treasures!  It has made our familiar hiking trips take on new meaning. 

These things are the things that make for fun times…wonderful memories and relaxing.

We tell the kids we work hard and we play hard.  Working cane be fun and playing can be exhausting but it is all good!

We have since hit the books full time.   We can't wait to see what other adventures we have to find.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Out on the Lake

We had quite the surprise last Sunday….we were invited out to a local lake.  The family attends our church and they just lavished love on us and our kids.

They grilled a fabulous lunch from their boat house.  He kids swam in the lake and loved heading out to the floating dock.

Darrell kayaked close to shore with a few of the little kids.

The most amazing thing was they took all of the kids rafting….serious work on their part.  They spent two hours loading and unloading kiddos on he raft, taking them on the lake and switching them out.  


I've never ever seen Sara so excited.  She jumped up and down with excitement. It was such a sweet time.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to spend time out on their beautiful spot!

Summer Hiking

We have had several wonderful hikes in the past few weeks.  

Last week, we had cool days which made it great for heading off on new adventures.

Michaela even took a few of the kids to the North country to hike Mt. Crawford.

River Day

We had an amazing day on the river.  We headed out with the Outdoor club at church for a day on the river paddling.

We paddled upstream and ate lunch on a beautiful little spot.  The fellowship was good and the kids had a grand time on the rope swing.  Everyone of them gave it a try.  They had quite the adventuresome spirit.  

Brandon sailed off from the tree and had amazing air!

We had such a fun time and before we knew it was time to head back down the river.

We all enjoyed it and said we can't wait until we do it again!

Wilderness Camp

We've been a part of camp for over 17 years….it has been a wonderful place for our children to have fun, learn and grow in leadership skills.  This year we had 5 counselors and 5 campers.

They sang, listened to stories, shot rifles, did archery and their favorite….extended challenge where they are up in the trees on rope courses.  It is such a wonderful week to experience.

I had a few hours each morning while the younger ones were at camp…they only attend until noon.  I was able to go on a morning kayak adventure with Michaela, our oldest daughter.  It was such a special treat to be out on the lake with just her.  We paddled through the water lilies, enjoyed good conversation and enjoyed the big blue sky.

I also took my first and probably only horse lesson on the season…Spirit and I had a good lesson even if she pushed every button she could.  I know we both enjoyed it.

I also took a few hikes….one with our dog Ellie.  It gave me lots of prayer and thinking time.  I also took a hike with a dear friend….another treat as we didn't get interrupted one time by a kiddo.

At the end of the week of camp, we celebrated the kids accomplishments and then had the traditional ice cream.  

I am so thankful for the people who invest their time into this wonderful program.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


This girl is such a gem!

She recently had to swear an oath at Immigration in Bedford because she entered the country over the age of 14….for those of you who don't remember….we adopted her the day before her 14th birthday.

It was such a sweet ceremony.  We are so proud of her.

Fitting time doing it the Thursday before the Fourth of July!

We love you Sara!