Saturday, December 3, 2016

And then there were 12!

This sweet little girl holds a special place in our hearts and we haven't even met her!  Let us introduce you to our Sara!

She has an amazing story and where our story collides is even more amazing...story to come later but just know we are excited to be able to call her daughter!

Please pray for us....she ages out in March and we are racing to bring her home!

Santa Shuffle

The girls decided to offer the younger 9 a chance to run in the Santa Shuffle....most jumped at the chance.  Eli was in it for the suit....don't they look fabulous?

We met up with Michaela in Manchester.

It was hysterical seeing thousands of people running around in Santa suits but even funnier seeing them all waiting for the bathroom!

Here are the official cheering crew!

Rebecca braved it out to ask Miss New Hampshire for a photo opp...

The kids all did great and even Eli said running was fun and worth the Santa suit!

Christmas Show

As part of a Christmas gift....we attended a Christmas Show at the Candlelight Theater in Delaware.

We enjoyed Christmas elves and fun during the first half and Carole's and Nativity highlights in the second half.  The kids favorite was the 12 pains of Chrismtas song....they laughed remembering all of the verses.

Dinner was wonderful too....Ben stacked a plate mile high before the buffet closed to snack on while the rest of us grabbed desserts to eat....he has a big appetite.

Hershey smells so good....Chocolate World at was a gloomy day outside but beautiful inside....lots and lots of people joined was rather crowded but we added to the crowd and were able to chat away as we went!
A shot of all of as we stood in the lines...

A shot of some of our family in the car behind us when they turned ....and then Santa!

Eli's first time on Santa's lap....he was SO excited.  He asked for a Lollipop!  That's pretty easy.

Devon told him he wanted a real motorcycle and a lollipop....I sense a theme here.

Rebecca wanted a lollipop too.

Joe has other ideas for gifts but enjoyed Santa too.

Here is our crew waiting in line but the house made of KitKat bars...they wanted to know if they could eat their way through.
We then rode through the the Hersehy light display music and lots and lots of lights to be seen.

We headed back to the Danekers for yummy pizza with family...Darrell met us there.  He had been to a Flyers game with his sister, Suzy.


We travel to Delaware and Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving!  We arrived around 1am and were able to sleep in.  We then headed to a Cracker Barrell to eat dinner with family. It was wonderful to eat yummy food, relax, and focus on family.

We then headed to the Danekers.  The kids played games together, the adults caught up on the latest news and then we ate later in the day.  It was good to be together.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Surgery and Snow

Ben had eye surgery in November.    It was a wonderful experience...well at least as wonderful as it can get for surgery.  We headed up to David's house the night before and they pampered us with a warm meal and lots of wonderfully freshly baked desserts.  We traveled up with Kiara who kept me company while Ben was in surgery.

On his return two week check up....we had snow on we way up.  It sure was pretty.

Ben was eager to take lots of pictures.

When we met with the Doctor, she said his eye was perfect now....can't get better than perfection now, huh?  So thankful for a good experience and outcome!  

Monday, October 31, 2016

Chester Scarecrows

It is fall in New Hampshire....lots to do around here but this past Sunday, we jumped into the car and headed to a neighboring town to see a bit of fun.

In the small town of Chester, they have a scarecrow contest and it has become a big deal over the last few years.
Since there is a lot of history to be found I our state, there were lots of historical characters included ....this cannoneer from the civil war at the town center.
A young boy who is claimed to be the youngest to die in a war is buried here...he was a drummer for the army.

This picture is of a Revolutionary Soldier.

Here is a guy standing at one of the covered bridges.
And let's not forget Uncle Sam.

We saw many other scarecrows but it was so much fun to search for them throughout the town.  It ended up being a fun afternoon!