Thursday, March 2, 2017

He is IN

In the midst of all that has happened in our family on the adoption side....something else has been happening.

This boy, this boy that we love so dearly has been working on his application to the Alert International Academy for their Basic Training.

He also had a birthday yesterday!

In the fall, Darrell and I started praying over what might be next for Jason.  The Lord made it very clear.

We continued to pray and presented it to him in late November.  We asked him to pray over it.

We all made a decision in December to start pursing it.

In January, amidst tons of other things going on, he began to train for the physical part of the challenge ahead.  He also began the application process.

On Monday of this week....he was interviewed and accepted.  

A huge answer to prayers.  He is SO excited.

His one concern, bless his dear heart....was seeing his newest siblings and me before he left.  We told him to pray about it because God is in the details of our lives.

God is good because he had our backs on this one....we arrive in the US on Thursday afternoon and he leaves early Friday morning.  How is that for details?

So, in addition to finishing up weeks of adoption errands this week for our adoption that normally take 4 weeks....I've been trying to help Darrell knock out some of the details of Jasons preparations.  He has a huge list of things to gather.  The cool thing, his aunt called yesterday to say she was sending lots of items on the list from her Army days to give to him for Basic.

God has been working overtime for our family...and we are thankful for ALL of his provisions!

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