Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Weekend

This weekend was all too short but a special gift! Everything we had 'scheduled' fell through for a variety of reasons and we found ourselves planted at home. We like being at home and shared some special moments together.

Jess took Michael out for ice cream and let him order a large! It was 5 scoops of ice cream on a waffle cone...He tried to finish but brought some home anyway. There were lots of smiles and giggles together!

Mom worked on changing out the seasonal clothes....there is still a mountain of summer things to weed through but the kiddos have what they need for now. Only a few needs for the youngest and oldest of boys and it's minimal...what a blessing!

The kids relished their time with their big I enjoyed their giggles as they sat on her bed winding yarn into balls for her to knit in the next week...many hands make light he work. She also took all 7 of the, and the dog for a hike...Darrell and I were given the gift of a quiet house....I took a short rest and them started dinner while Darrell matched of. Y least favorite jobs! We them scooted,to the grocery store to grab a few items for the family dinner with dessert....yum.  good food and family ...what a treat.

We also enjoyed some horse time before the realization that our fences needing mending which Darrell and Jason were quick to fix. We finished our evening sharing some popcorn after showers and watching a sing along together....

It is the simple joys in life that seem to bring so much pleasure ...unexpected gifts!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Michael!

Today we celebrate Michael Man's 12th birthday! We are so excited to watch him grow and change right before our very eyes! We love his humorous creative spirit and thank The Lord for him! The name Michael means "gift from God"...what a special treasure we have been given!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pearly Whites

Today our brave not so little man had 8 teeth pulled in an effort to help correct a multitude of teeth...brave!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Alert Cadet --New Hampshire Style

Last Saturday, after years of laying the ground work, lots of prayer and "beating the bushes" as Major Dagarin  phrased was a moment to savor....the commissioning of New Hampshire 1st Bravo! Ten families start this group of eager dads and their sons to make a difference in the lives of their families and communities. The ceremony was a beautiful testament to these dads hearts to capture their sons hearts...Lt. Col. Kevin Edwards gave examples of preparing the arrow to be fired and how Alert can be used to prepare sons to enter the world. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Another really amazing thing was the unit flag designed by one of the cadets...Jonathon Bilodeau. It was beautiful! The even more amazing thing was that his mom Sarah sewed it...she was our own Betsy Ross!

Jonathon was also promoted to LTC--- Leadership Training Corp. His mother and father were able to pin on his new rank.

Darrell has taken leadership of the unit for now and was promoted to 2LT....he was this rank when we first married 25 years ago but in the Army. I told him that the second time round is always sweeter...I really believe it is...he is so excited about this program and its potential! Even sweeter is the fact that our oldest daughters, Michaela and Jessica, were able to pin his rank on...something they were never able to do when their dad was in the Army and made it to Major. Darrell's mom flew in to see this all happen too!

The ceremony was followed by a potluck in the gym...many folks lingered for hours. The young kids and moms went out to the playground while young adults played volleyball in the gym.


It was a cool beautiful evening to enjoy fellowship, laugh a bit after all the hard work and enjoy ourselves.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last days of Summer

It's Labor Day weekend and we are winding down our summer in anticipation of school and fall activities starting up.  It is a happy sad time ...ending the carefree days of summer and looking towards our full days of school and activities. I've looked at the weeks ahead...they are chock full of meetings, activities, school work and field trips...

But for today, we are enjoying the last days of swimming in the pool, days with a less active agenda with liberal time to play outside, lay in the hammock, work in the gardens and many relaxed hours with family!

Kiara on her birthday with her new bracelet!

Our last day in the pool before closing:(

Glenn and Mary W in front of the bug as we ended our morning escapades right before they walked up the hill to their surprise party--they had NO clue what was around the bend for them!

One of the huge worms from our flower beds that we found...told you these pictures were random!

Our crew with some of the Winslows at the park after meeting at the Bubble in Wolfboro for ice cream.

Our bug lover showing me his latest catch!