Monday, March 20, 2017

The Weekend

Catching up from the weekend ...

On Friday morning we had medical appointments.  The kids saw doctors, received a few shots and were given a clean bill of health to enter the US.

We had some down time over the was much needed.

We also had a lot of rain over the weekend...after all it is spring.  I have loved seeing all the flowers in bloom, the new growth on the plants in the parks and some species I have no clue as to what they has made for some challenging situations.

On Saturday morning, we tried the pool out during a short break of no rain.  The water was 68 and the air was around 70.  It sounds warm but it wasn't.  We went in but didn't last long.  Sara has 'southern blood' and froze the whole time.  Jacob had a blast and was way more confident in the water than I expected.

We went on a river cruise on Saturday evening.  Despite the rain, the lights along the river were still spectacular.  The employees handed out rain ponchos that lasted for most of the trip.  It let us go on the 3rd floor to take beautiful pictures in the rain.  

When we returned to our room...we used the hair dryer to dry our shoes out, hung up our sopping wet jackets and headed to bed.

Sunday was a shopping day.  We were taken to the island.  About 200 years ago, Europeans settled the island and it looks a bit like Savannah to me.  Beautiful buildings, shops and rod iron.  What makes it uniquely beautiful and lots of fun are statues of people and children randomly all over the area.  

We left the island for a bit to visit a market.  Our guide took us because he said you will only find things like this in China.  Most things were dried for for tea, giant mushrooms, sea horses, fish stomach or gills or whatever part you wanted in tall bags for sale in bulk.  Some were a bit on the crazy side.  The locals make teas or soups out of these because they believe they are healing.

Some things like these scorpions were still very much alive!
Yesterday, we were up early and headed to the US Consulate for our paperwork review, interviews for us and our children... all in order to obtain our visa.  It was a lot of waiting around but we passed this part and are now waiting on our visas.  This is the last big hurdle in this long process.  They should arrive on Wednesday.  We leave bright and early Thursday morning for the long flights home.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Safari Park.  It is the largest in all of China.  We saw pandas, huge snakes, koalas, bears, diving tigers and were able to feed the giraffes.  I saw animals I had never seen close up before.  

My personal favorite were the pandas.  China has the only triplets born in captivity and proudly shows them in the Safari.  We were able to watch them for a bit and take photos.

I also loved watching the kids feed the giraffes.  It was something you don't get to do everyday!

We had a long day.  The kids even fells asleep on the bus...a first!  We all stumbled into the hotel and ventured out after a bit to find some dinner.  We ended up at a Burger King I just found around the corner.  We all agreed we were too tired to sit through a longer meal.  We all are heading to bed soon after this day.

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