Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Today...so many emotions.....

We were up very early this morning...even before our alarms were set to go off at 5 am.  We did the morning thing of getting ready, headed down to breakfast and being ready for our translator to meet us at 6:40.  We headed to the orphanage.

We arrived early.

The sun was shining brightly as we walked into the front room.  We were met by an official who led us into another room to complete paperwork.

It was pretty quick and she tapped me on the shoulder and then he was there.  He is a ray of sunshine...he was smiley.

We hugged, gave him presents and took pictures.  We finished up more paperwork all with my red fingerprint next to all of my signatures...there were lots!

We presented our gifts for the children and workers.

It was amazingly fast...we then headed out the door to head to Civil affairs to do more paperwork....

He walked out with all of his worldly belongs in two small backpacks.

And then....

Our poor little guy cried and cried and cried some more....

Everything.  Everything he has ever known was left behind.  Our hearts were breaking....his grief was intense.

When we arrived at civil affairs, the guide encouraged him.  He told her it was hard leaving everything behind but he really wants to go with us.  It was hard.

We completed more paperwork... all sealed with both of our red fingerprints....He is official....he is OURS!

We then headed for lunch...he is way faster with chopsticks than his mama!  Lunch was yummy....chicken, rice and spicy green beans.

We headed to the old part of the city called the Hutong.  Long narrow streets....we learned the history of it.  There is no secret that I love history...it was awesome.  But the coolest part, our translator, Grace, introduced us to the cricket man.  

Humble is NOT a word used to describe this man but he sure is quite the showman!  He showed us the many magazines he has been featured in.  He is called the Cricket man because....

Wait for it....

He raises fighting crickets!  Yes, fighting crickets!  He has summer homes, bowls for food, fighting rings, tools to clean after them, feed them...well you can imagine we got quite the education....and then he asked us where we thought their winter home was.... 

He showed us his belly...yes, he wears his crickets on him so that they can use his body heat to keep them warm.  He is quite the devoted cricket tender...he showed us his prize fighter ...they only live for 100 days and are sometimes referred to the 100 day bug.

It was intriguing sitting in this home that was over 500 years old, surrounded by beautiful traditional items from a family heritage listening to the cricket man.

We then got to visit a tea room....that was something I had hoped for but never imagined...it was quite spur of the moment....we were able to taste several teas.  The pots and tea cups were beautiful....it was spectacular if tea can be called that!  It was an amazing gift to this tea loving mama.  

We then headed back to our room...naps, the Boonie bears, and snacks were up next....we are tired....really tired.

The amazing thing...he has had a hard day of grieving but did amazingly well....he is checking everything out....I mean everything.  He is sweet...can say two English words..."thank and  you" but boy does he have a sunbeam smile.

On to new adventures tomorrow...picking up more paperwork and getting to know our boy more!

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