Friday, June 28, 2013

The Beginnings of Summer

Summer in New Hampshire is wonderful!! Wonderful opportunities abound playing on the beach, hiking in the mountains, kayaking on the lake, horseback riding or bike riding on the trails system plus the many attractions in our state or the ones close by.

This summer so far has included building a deck on the new pool ( a tree fell on our other one last August), horseback riding, biking, kayaking, beach time and projects around the house.  We have enjoyed our first few weeks of summer! Of late, we have many indoor days as it has rained daily but there are still plenty to do and we are enjoying ourselves!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Adventures With Our Visitors

My parents, sister and her daughter came for a visit this past week. We spent time catching up, playing with the kids and had a few adventures along the way.

My kiddos had horseback riding on Tuesday. Caris was excited to join them and did very well. She later announces to her mom that she wanted a horse! I tried to change her mind by dragging her out to the barn at 5 am to muck  stalls but she loved that...I think my sister is in trouble on that front!

We took a day trip to Fort Foster in Maine. It was an absolutely beautiful gorgeous day! We picnicked by the water, played at the play ground and in the surf.  My sister, Carolyn took the older kids out to look for treasures and found lots of them like crabs, sand dollars, razor clams and lots of plant life. I kept the younger ones and we found crabs, a shrimp that swam in our bucket for a bit, snails and many shells. My folks enjoyed watching the grand kids play together and relaxed a bit taking in the beautiful boats and light houses. The day was a gift.

That same evening, our last together, we all had dinner together and were joined by Michaela. We celebrated early for Darrell's birthday....mmmm...Aunt Carolyn splurged ad bought an ice cream cake for all of us to enjoy too.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Darrell

What a beautiful day for a birthday! Happy birthday Darrell!!

Summer Weekends

Most folks find June to be a busy month with many beginnings for the summer but endings of school and activities!

Our last few weekends have been busy with graduation parties, visitors, and other events. This pas weekend we went to a baptism of a wonderful young man. His dad and Darrell have become fast friends and have gotten to know one another through Alert Cadet. It has been fun to get to know their family through activities like Saturday afternoon we went to Merrimack to see Andrew baptized. Afterwards we joined their family and extended family at their place to celebrate with lots if wonderful food, games, chatting, and a great time. Pictures below....

We then left early to get home just minutes before Darrell's mom and sister arrived from Delaware for the night.

The next morning was Father's Day where we went out to breakfast before sending them on their way. We then headed home to prepare for my sister and daughter and my parents to join us. We met at the 99 for dinner! What a treat that was because my folks were there but so were Michaela and Jessica! It was a good thing!

Happy Fathers Day Darrell!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Weekend

This time of year can seem so busy and we are having to pick and choose from many invites and activity possibilities.  We had two exciting things going on this past weekend. 

The first was too finally connect with Gavin Vu, Aggy's brother. He has been living in NH since September. He leaves sometime in the next week. He is a lot like his sister but different in so many ways. We felt an immediate connection. He is going to school in the States so we hope to see him again! The pictures of the kids on the swing are at his host families was great fun! Kiara said it was just like flying and Harmony just giggled the whole time she was in it.

On the way home, we stopped at Moos in Derry for some ice cream....mmmmm!

On Sunday, we traveled to Fort Foster in Maine for Laurel Simonds graduation Party.  It was an amazing day....the older kids played frisbee and football while the younger kids checked out the brand new playground. We ate a delicious lunch and visited awhile. Afterwards, we headed down on the beach where the kids got into the cold New England water and found many treasures. After a short break the older kiddos went out as the tide was low and found sea glass, a sea sponge, and sand dollars. They were so excited and it was just a beautiful day for or family.

What a treasure of a weekend!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Then and Now

Then....1988...25 years ago I married my man! We had a great ceremony, a feast, some dancing and then he whisked me off to New England for a honeymoon.  

The honeymoon where we stated, "this is the perfect place to live. We have the mountains for you (Darrell) and the ocean for me  (Louisa)"....God always hears us and moved us to New Hampshire 11 years later! 

Tonight, he came bringing lots of beautiful red roses!! Oh they smell so grand and bring many memories of the Residance Rose garden in Wurzburg, Germany. I spent many hours there when he was at works the first summer there....

25 years....several moves---Germany, New Jersey, New Hampshire, 9 kids later...he is still the love of my life!

Excited to see what the next 25 years bring!

Love You Darrell!

Today is the day ...25 years ago we said, "I do!"