Friday, March 10, 2017

Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City

We've been busy and tired from jetlag...which makes for blogging falling behind.  I will attempt to catch up...

Our little guy is blossoming despite being emotional...he has had so many changes this week.  He told our guide that he is having a hard time saying good bye but is "very happy!"  So are we....he has a sparkle despite what he has been through and I believe he will really shine once we get him settled.  The glimpses we see are amazing and exciting!

On Wednesday, we went to Tianamen Square.  We didn't actually go on it.  This week is China's National Congress.  They have 400 members meeting and the Square was blocked off.

We got to see many glimpses of it.  Everything was very peaceful.  The crowds were limited to certain areas but our guide was able to get us through quickly.

We then continued walking to the Forbidden City.  It was quite spectacular.  It is where the royal family once lived but is open to the public now.  The buildings were large and ornate with many detailed paintings.  

We were able to go to the Crown Princes residence inside to see that it was built using post and beam.  The ceilings and floors were done in many patterns.  It was beautiful!

We walked but took many rests as Jacob tires easily.  He did awesome despite all the walking.  I loved sitting because it let me see the people of China.  I loved seeing them interacting with one another.  

Our guide knows her history, and we loved her telling stories of people in the area...we loved the story of the Dragon Lady.  It is kind of a rags to riches story but it shows the smarts of what you are able to accomplish when you set your mind to it.

Grace, our guide then took us to lunch...our favorite place so far.  We then walked to a grocery store to get a few supplies and found a small Chinese Chess game which Jacob said he knows how to play.

Pizza Hut for dinner and then it was off to bed for us!

The next day was a paperwork day.  We filled out forms, had things notarized and worked on Jacobs passport.  It won't be finished until next Tuesday but our guide will follow up for us on that front as we will travel to Nanning tomorrow.

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