Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pick up

We were blessed to catch up with our friends at the arrival ofmt heir newest little one!  The Winslow's traveled to Bulgaria to get a sweet little one....the same day we dropped Darrell off to travel to Germany from Boston....we later met up with the Winslows in NH...a bit later in n the evening.
This is Grace sporting her welcome Home balloon the kids proudly picked out for her....we all love Grace.
Here is their Annabella...she is so sweet!  They said she reminded them a lot of our Becca.
Kiara making her laugh...we love her sweet heart towards little ones.
Here is Mary...it was late and I know she was tired but I am sure it was good to be on home turf!

So excited for their family!

Fun Weekend

It's fall here and we have been super busy but took a bit of time out to visit the Annual a Touch-a-truck in our little town.  I even got to see the inside of an 18 wheeler....very cool.  We could believe the space inspire with storage, fridge and bunks.
Ben inside the ambulance....
Do you think these two were in an adventure?
She was giving everyone directions....good thing she wasn't in charge!

Such a pleasant morning with everyone!


This little gem asked to play outside but was instructed she could but she had to stay on the deck in the play area as we were almost ready for dinner and then a meeting at our home where people were on their way already.
When we called her for dinner...she was no longer on the deck.  We quickly located her in this delimma....

First day of school

A group photo of our first day this year....our kids have been really working hard and I have been so organized....both are huge blessings in our schooling.

Ellie is in dog school and Devon opted for his pjs....all good!









Everyone in our new school room.....many adventures awaiting us this year!

Fort Foster and the Cousins

What a glorious day at the beach...sand castles, crabs, finding treasures and playing with some of the cousins.
Andrew at work on The Crab Kingdom
Eli and Kiara dignity in the sand....
Brandon's creation....
Wasn't it beautiful?
Down to the water for castle making....
Ben made this for me....sweet!

Look at all the busyness....we ended the evening with grabbing pizza for dinner....fun time!

Strasberg Railroad

Everyone who really knows our family knows Darrell loves trains!  He talks of his grandfather working in the PA railroad and the trips he took with him as a young boy.  He will tell you of the time he walked into an East German train store when we lived in Germany and bought one of every train in his gauge for almost nothing because of the amazing exchange rate.

So....when the chance to ride a train comes along....we jump!  We love this old train....we've ridden before...we reminisced about the last time....Kiara was in an infant seat (she is now 11).  It is such a treasure as it passes corn fields, Amish buggies, and big farms in the countryside of Lancaster county, PA.

We just happened to be there the day before Thomas the Tank Engine day....we saw the set up and even sneaked a peak at Thomas and his friend Percy in the Engine rooms.
Kiara with Oma and Suzy.  Thank you Oma for the treat!

Here is Mike and Ben with our other Oma....she treated us all to lunch....yum!
Joe staring out at the crib fields ...there were horse teams and farmers working in them.

Rebecca, Eli and Aunt Carolyn hanging out together....thankful for her day off so she could join us too!
Devon taking it all in and you can't help but notice the barefoot of Becca.  We ended up at Good and Plenty for dinner which we were also treated to....such a blessing!  We are our fill and met up with a bus load of folks from China...Ben and Eli were thrilled and chatted to a mom and her daughter.

Such a sweet day making fun memories!

A Special Visit and a Rodeo

While in Delaware visiting folks ...we ventured to Madison Adoption Associates where we were able to catch up with some of the folks who helped to advocate for Ben and Eli.  We had a delightful visit!

While in Delaware, we headed to the Cowtown  Rodeo.  We watched roping, bull riding, barrel racing and loved our evening together with Aunt Suzy, Oma and the Danekers!

It also happened to be free ice cream night...mmmm...what a treat!

Pool Time

While dad and two of the boys were away at Alert Camp....the rest of us headed to Delaware to catch up with grandparents and cousins for a few days.  We also were able to enjoy Oma and Aunt Suzy's pool.
Becca loved the freedom of swimming without floaties...she did so well.
Kiara and Joe dominated the diving board with bellyflops and attempted dives.
Mike loves cooling off and being cool.
By the end of the week...Eli ventured in without his life jacket...he has come so far this year in the water.

LTC Camp

Darrell was able to take 2 of our boys to the first ever Eastern Region Alert Leadership Training Corp (LTC) Camp right here in New Hampshire.
They were able to spend a whole week together getting stretched, strengthening their relationships, learning wonderful skills and being put to the test over and over again.
Here the Alert men as well as the Cadets and dads are atop Mount Modanack.
Do you see the grin on Brandon's face?  He was in his element!
They had a wonderful time building their relationships with one another, as well as with the other dads and sons!  An amazing experience!