Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Kiara

Today our sweetheart turns 9 years old.  Happy Birthday Kiara!

We ran lots of errands but had friends join us for the celebration---"Kerida"  got a bow---in pink camo!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Cousins

Our kids have begged to get together with their cousins...two week ago we were in NJ and this week they are here.

We met them in Vermont on Saturday at Rock of Ages. We toured the famous quarry and then headed for NH.  It was a beautiful day for a ride --the mountains were stunning and the wildflowers were blooming.

We arrived at the Flume Gorge with a hungry bunch of kids. We pulled out a picnic and devoured everything in site.  We then headed off for a hike up the Flume. It was a perfect temperature for a hike. It was busling with people from all over the world--as many foreigners as locals. 

The cousins encouraged each other, helped keep track of everyone and some even helped carry the little ones.  We climbed the Gorge, rested at the bear cave and then continued onto the pool and wolf's den. The kids loved climbing through the cave and begged to do it again.

Many tired feet trampled down the mountain with great relief to sit and watch the movie in the theatre about the Old Man in the Mountain.  We then loaded into the car and headed towards home. The little ones dozing quickly.

We stopped at the Common Man Diner the 104....ate a scrumptious meal. We then headed home where everyone fell into bed.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cape May favorite beach--Cape May, NJ!  When traveling to our relatives resently, we spent time with my folks. Oma and Opa. Carolyn, Dan and their kids came too. This was a chance for our
kids to visit their cousins--a rare occurance.

We visited together on Sunday. The next morning we headed to the beach at Cape May. My mom, Carolyn and her kids followed stayed home with the guys as he was sick.

The kids played in the sand, took their boogie boards into the waves and had a good time.  The sun was shining and it was beautiful.  

A really cool thing was how much God met me there that day. He sent 2 wonderful ladies along to encourage me--one a foster parent who gets "it"....something I need right now.

The kids begged to go back for more but we needed to head back home the next morning but not before eating breakfast with everyone at Bob Evans...yum!  

Headed home with a stop to a see Jess, we met her at Finney's for ice cream and spent a few moments with her.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Swimming, Face Painting and Cowtown Rodeo

Last weekend, we traveled to Delaware to visit family.

After numerous vehicle issues, we headed out to arrive at Oma Lowman and Suzy's in the early am. We slept in, went to the DMV for their open house where the big thing was to get the kids faces painted. We then headed for Ima's house to swim. 

That evening, we went to Cowtown Rodeo in New Jersey. It is celebrating it's 60th year, the oldest weekly rodeo in the country. The last time I was there I was 6 and the big things was to see Captain Noah from a childhood show I watched.

The kids loved our time together watching barrel racing, calf roping, bronco and bull riding. The rodeo clowns were extremely funny too. As we left that evening, Brandon said "mom, we have for to get a bull!" I love his contagious enthusiasm but we DO have some limits.