Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Joseph

Joseph turns 5 years old today! He was so excited all day...the tradition at our home is to pick a favorite meal for dinner along with the usual cake and ice cream. He choose meatballs and we added pasta and Italian bread...Yum!

He received a new bike with all the trimmings as we call it:) ...a new helmet and bell to go along! His mouth seriously dropped open when we rolled out the bike. Despite the cold temperatures, Dad bundled him up and headed outside to do the first run. Memories in the making, an first ride in 16 degree weather! We are so blessed to have Joe in our life! Happy Birthday !!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Barn

Jessica is a hard core rider. That is what we call it when it is 23 degrees outside and you truck the horses over for a lesson, park in the snow, walk through ice with tack dangling from your arms...your little brother is even more excited to tag along bringing another horse for the experience. Mom was even excited to join in the fun and watch and take a few pictures ... And we all can't wait to do it again soon!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh How Sweet!

We just wiped the sleep out of our eyes to see 3 sweet children with breakfast trays in their hands as they surprised us with breakfast in bed! Scrambled eggs, milk and toast and jelly...mmmmmm. So sweet of them to want to bless us this morning they are down there making breakfast for themselves ! Grateful for their servants hearts!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

American Girl Store Boston

Today we headed down to Natick Ma. To the American Girl store and Bistro. Michaela, Jessica, Kiara, Harmony and Mom were joined by Aunt Cheryl and Suzanne! Oh it was so much fun! It was a blast to see all the American girls, outfits and furniture. The girls did crafts, a scavenger hunt and then had a celebration in the dining room! The girls were given little chairs that hooked on the table for their dolls complete with cups of water for their dolls at the dinner table. Their goodie bags had shirts, crowns, a balloon, stickers, mini shopping bags for their dolls. The store was a pink paradise....oh what a fun day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Heart of a Child

So many things seem to amaze me any more in our daily life. We see God's hand of provision on every front and feel his many prompts to do what he is calling us to do...

Our son Jason is one of those amazing people that has an incredible heart for the orphan...those that are truly the least of these. The totally amazing part is that he was once an orphan....he is stepping out in prayer and is amazingly with his words to The Lord on behalf of the orphan. He was just given a belated Christmas gift and turned around and wants to give it all away to a family we know who is raising funds to adopt overseas...without concern or thought for himself he never even hesitated and is even concerned as to why he can't give more. At 12 he has incredible insight to what is really important in the world...he is amazing and a blessing in our lives. We love him very much!