Thursday, May 5, 2016

And Then There Was Ben....

This guy....

Just have to say as his mom...he is pretty amazing.  He has such a big heart.  He has jumped in with both feet into this family and does his best at just about everything.

He is amazingly neat in his room despite living with a room full of happy flingers!  Wins every bed making contest we've had.  Even puts everything back where it belongs after using it...what is up with that?

Willing to try it all that we have presented him with so far.

Looks out for me and is my protector....out on hikes if he thinks I might need help...he comes racing back to hold my hand down the steep rocky hillside.

He is super excited this week is Mother's Day....

And he is our newest Alert Cadet....he has worked so hard on that!  Memorizing scripture in a language he is still learning....A-MAZ-ING!

Does it all with a smile on his face too!

Love this boy!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Father-Daughter Retreat

Darrell headed to Camp Maranatha this past weekend with our youngest girlies.

They were SO excited to share some special time with just dad.  They were even more excited to hear they were having a candle light dinner together....oh, so, excited!
Kiara dressed up for dinner in the lodge.
The dads served their daughters.

Rebecca dressed for dinner.

They had the afternoon together and went to the local fish hatchery.

Kiara with a sweet baby bunny.

They had group games, made fairy gardens and had devotions.7

The girls also played games in the game room ....Rebecca  (our girlie ) met Rebekah ....same last name spelled slightly different.  Cool, huh?

They had a sweet time with dad and came home very tired and happy!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Goals and Spring

I tried to think of something to sum up this post....

It has been quiet here on my blog as we have been about the business of spring....packing away winter and all that goes with it....

Spring activities bursting onto the scene....Ben, Eli and Devon learned to ride bikes in about 3 days after pulling them out for the season.  They have banged up elbows and knees to show it too!

Still plugging away at our school work....celebrating as we finish books for the year!

The daily business that makes up our lives and keeps us hopping each day!  We've been working hard at preparing our garden for the summer and were immensely blessed by several loads of wood chips to help our new Back to Eden Gardening.

The kids have had their first horseback riding lessons for the season....our newest ducks and chickens are getting big!


Last summer as one of our summer goals we planned to hike the NH Firetower Challenge.  We didn't do any fire towers during the summer but started in the fall.  We restarted when Ben and Eli came home and are very happy to report we finally got all of our kiddos to do at least 5 towers and finished our last one this past Saturday.  Despite the notorious black fly season....

we managed to hike to the summit and then went to celebrate at Kimbell farm for ice cream and their beautiful petting zoo.  The kids loved the sand pile....what kid doesn't?

Earlier in the day we had a family dinner thanks to the gift cards we were given at was good to be together.  We are treasuring  these times!