Monday, March 13, 2017


Hi from is 85 degrees and humid and back home they are bracing for a Nor'easter...up to 16 inches of snow.

It is 85 here but folks are dressing like it is winter.  We are all walking around sweating in short sleeves and long pants while they wear sweaters, coats and such.

On Saturday, we had a down day...we caught up on napping, laundry and cruised around this huge hotel to check it out.  We are on the 14th story...and can you imagine we have a window that opens and has no screen on it!

Yesterday, our translator took us to Quingxiu Mountain.  It really isn't that big of a mountain...more like a hill.  It is about 40 hectors....I will let you do the math on that one. sure was pretty!  Beautiful landscaping, waterfalls, and flowers ...lots of flowers.  Their specialty are orchids but we found many exotic and familiar flowers in between.

But the funny thing...we were a big hit!....people took picture of us constantly...some not so discreetly!  One woman asked to snap a picture of the two of us together...her husband took the picture.  She was so excited!

Another woman came up and asked for the same thing.  She told her Guide she is 70 years old and has never seen a foreigner...and then she kissed me on the cheek...her daughter laughed!  I should of grabbed a picture of the two of us but none the was fun.

So today, we are waiting to see Sara.  We ventured to the mall today to pick up some better fitting clothes for Jacob.  We had lunch at KFC today. Yesterday we ate at Pizza Hut.  Jacob had a delicious meal at Pizza Hut...spicy noodles with squid, octopus and shrimp.  Tentacles were everywhere and he slurped up every bite!  Yum...we had Hawaiian pizza.

We've tried some other places and are really good at getting lost but God has always sent someone who said..."may I help you?" or I've asked and question they've known English enough to bail us out.

We learned to ride the subway too which helps us get around pretty quickly here.  We have a paper written with our stops and hope we don't mess up.

So good.  Hope to update soon on Sara!

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