Saturday, May 30, 2015

Right outside our door this morning

Our farrier....also our up with all her farrier wannabes to put shoes on our horses this morning.  We are natural horse people meaning less is best in our view but....

Our backyard is so full of rocks...after all we live in the Granite State...that it wears our horses feet to stubs.  They need the protection the shoe gives from the rocks so they aren't tender footed all the time.

So we had an awesome view right outside the door ....

This is Liberty being held by Jason.

This is Jess and her work crew....

Here Jess is welding borem on the shoe because last year we were slipping and sliding on the road when we went more slipping now!

Liberty getting her new shoes!

Life is always and adventure around glad we are along for the ride.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Summer List

I am a list maker.

It is satisfying to check things off after some planning....we have a list for everything --meals, character traits we are working on, daily chores, weekly things to do, house projects, school projects....I am sure you get the idea.

One summer....when we had just our 2 sweet girls here....we got to the end of the summer when visiting friends and I heard them say we didn't do anything all summer.  I was surprised by this answer and went home to look back at our calendar.  I saw lots of things listed that were big things but noneof the  little things we had done.  So I made a note and the following summer we made a list of all the things the girls wanted to do to have an enjoyable summer.

Since then we have done this each summer.  Some summers I put a check next to the things as we did them....sometimes I wrote the date.  There are events that we have actually hit numerous times.  Their most extensive lists have always been easily has changed since we had older girls and have now moved into boys being the oldest at home full time.

The events are less social and more doing but they actually haven't changed that much.  It is just that the boys don't necessarily ask to do it with their friends.  We will of course incorporate this factor in....after all I like being social!  And the younger girls love when they have older girls around to dote on them with painting their nails and braiding their hair. is our list....I normally would not put something like Plymouth Plantation on but this summer is a bit different.....we have canceled our vacation trying to tighten our belt for our adoption and another big family event coming up in the next year.  We are hoping to escape with friends to a local campground for a weekend getaway.  It has a star in it because although it was a request....I am not promising this one.  They were told it might have to wait. They were okay with this here is our list

The last one is quite ambitious but doable with some New Hampshire you can pick any 5 fire towers and climb them and then submit to the state to get a patch.  They are excited about the possibility to add this to their blankets (an earlier post about this).

We also have a trail ride planned in August and are working on that goal.  That will also be exciting!

Looking forward to the summer ahead and the adventures it will bring!

Have you ever thought of this?

Ok...this is a totally random least from the norm but after doing a bit of research....I think it will make you wonder in disbelief at first and then least it did to me!

A few months ago, we visited Darrell's sister, Cheryl, in D.C. And she showed us something similar to this...

only small enough to fit into a shadow box....sorry for the not so great pictures.

Anyway, she asked us what we thought it was made of...we guessed lots of things in our creative group but did not even come close to the correct answer.

Any ideas?

Well, I think I will just let you know....flip flops.  Yes, flip flops!

I grew up near the ocean of New Jersey...and have found many interesting things in the ocean....expensive sun glasses, sea glass, bricks, great sand toys, drift wood and yes, even a flip flop.

But think about the expanse of the East Coast of the U.S. and the ocean currents times the number of flip flops lost ...where does all of that stuff go?

The coast of Africa....yes, these flip flops cross the ocean and landed on the beaches of Africa.

The ingenious people there do this....

And this......

Sort by color....

Get to create THIS!

And. THIS!

Pretty amazing, huh?  

I call that being given handed lemons to making lemonade ......and selling back to the American tourists...made from their own shoes that journeyed across the ocean and landed on their beaches!

Are you as amazed as I was?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Last Day at the Cape

Our boys are home now and are sleeping in...mounds log laundry, a few injuries, and lots of fun memories and character building happened this weekend!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday....the first 3 are from their drill practice....this is the part I really missed seeing.

I think this trip tired Joe out....what do you think?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

More pictures from the Cape

Do you think Joe is tired?  This is Joe at morning at devotions....I am loving it!
Raking and yard work....also a bit of cutting trees.
Here is our Mike raking with some of the other NH boys.

Good Morning From the Cape

What a beautiful morning!  Received this early this morning....some of those boys are ours!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Alert Cadet at the Cape

My hubby and boys are at the Cape this weekend....that is Cape Cod for those non-New Englanders.  They are doing a service project....cutting wood, raking, grounds keeping for a cottage that is hoping to some day service adoptive families with limb differences.

They arrived yesterday and spent some time on the beach right outside the front door.  In between work, they also have been able to play some waffle ball and volleyball.

Michael walking the is a truly spectacular spot on the beach.

Joe and Brandon doing some fishing with their own home made fishing blocks which they are very proud of.
Some volleyball and baseball were played today too in between work projects.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Just Love Coffee

Well, here we go!

We have been looking at fundraisers to help us on our way to bringing our boys home.  This one sounded like it was up our 

 We are a family of coffee drinkers....all except Mom and Mike.

Anyway, it is easy....enjoy delicious flavors from all over the world!  
Here is a sampling of what they offer....

GO to JustLoveCoffe├Ę.com/LowmanChinaAdoption

Our Store Front will come up and then you can will be shipped straight to YOUR door and we will benefit too!  

Sounds like a win/win situation!

Thanks SO much!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This Weekend

This is the view from the docks in Wolfeboro after we met at the Bubble for Nicole's 10th Birthday....isn't it gorgeous?

Three families and lots of ice cream ended here at the gazebo on the lake.  When we first arrived we got to see the Jr. Prom for the local high school enter "The Mount", the Mt. Washington boat that cruises the beautiful lake. Boys in their tuxs and girls in beautiful dresses were every where.
Here is Jason just relaxing.

Darrell with Grace....this was after the surprise pictures I took---so glad she showed her beautiful smile!
Here Daryl Collomy chats with Grandpa Dave.

Here is a shot we took from painting the dining room...the boys were a hugehelp in  getting it done.  This was followed by them helping a family friend cutting and chopping wood.

Enjoyable weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mike and Jason

We went to an event this weekend for Foster Care...we had fun!

There were crafts, ponies, games, storytelling and wonderful families to connect with!

We sang as a family and Michael won a laptop! Yeah!  We are excited for him. He is our newest family photographer and now he can put his pictures and video on his own computer!  He was excited!

Jason is in his 3rd week of taking a post and beam class. He is enjoying the work and the skills will help him in his future. They are building a bridge. Right now, he is learning all he can.

Fun things happening!