Monday, March 28, 2016


But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.  He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things, the things that are not, to nullify the things that are.  --1 Cornthians 1:27-28

We keep running across this is surprisingly beautiful which prompted us to look further into how it is designed.  Upon our research, it gives us a new perspective on so many things in our lives and what we do as a family....

We have been challenged of late by people in our lives asking some hard questions....people who don't understand all that our family is about, offering some odd solutions to what we are walking through, saying they don't "get it"....or saying....I could or would never do what you do.

Believe me....adoption can be hard.  Kids who have come from hard places need time to heal and don't always understand what family is all about....but 

we know that HEALING can happen and that starts with HOPE because we know LOVE always HOPES!

So...getting back to the pottery....a process that comes about because of a simple broken pot.  The artist puts it back together with gold.....and the stunning part to me is that it is more beautiful than it was before.  Broken pieces being put back together....just like the broken pieces in our lives....

Doesn't the Lord ask us to come broken?  The song we use to sing in worship at our previous church....Brokeness, Brokeness is what I long for? that the Master artist.....can knit our pieces back he can makes us more beautiful than we were before.

This is such an amazing picture of the Savior's work in our lives and the lives of our children.

Real Gold....a treasure!

This visual has helped us walk through our difficult spots in the last weeks....bringing Brokeness in our lives....waiting for the Lord to make us into His Masterpiece.

The more we have studied is amazing. It is not only for our children but a message for ourselves.

Are you ready for all He has for you?

Jesus rarely comes where we expect Him; He appears where we least expect Him, and always in the most illogical connections.  The only way a worker can keep true to God is by being ready for the Lord's surprise visits.--Oswald Chambers

Monday, March 21, 2016

Angels Rejoicing

The Bible says that the Angels in Heaven Rejoice when one sinner repents...


Today at our was x2!

Ben and Eli have pelted us with questions about who Jesus is for weeks. This weekend it intensified...late into the night and this morning they asked us to pray with them.

Dad was at we called him so he could pray too....the reason for the phone in our picture as they prayed!

Rejoicing with the Angels today!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Bit of the Sillies at Our House

We can be, let me rephrase it...we are loud.  But we like to have fun too.

Here a few pictures from the last month or so....

We've had a busy month and half or so....5 birthday celebrations meant lots of cake, ice cream and family get togethers....

It's winter and long days inside mean that sometimes the sillies take over.  We played one day indoors all the games I played at birthday parties as I was growing up.

Here we were catchingup on some sensory play and it kind of freaked Becca out.  We laughed at her reaction to it.

There always oodles of noodles but Bran seemed to take a bit further...notice the chop sticks on the plates ...all the kids who try are getting pretty good using them.

Happy Silly Day!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sugar Season here in NH

We were excited today to be a part of a Sugaring class right here in Raymond.  We were greeted by Waldo the turkey.

The boys were able to help collect the sap from the buckets in the woods.

Here, Ben and Eli are filtering the sap to keep out bugs and other debris.

Jason listening to the instructor give many details about trees, gallons it takes to make a single gallon on syrup (40!), and other sugaring facts.

Mike and Brandon listening eagerly.

Brandon in the sugaring room.

The boys listening to the instructor.  Check out the cool beaver pond in the back.  The owners ice skate on it in the winter.  

Joe loved Waldo.  He was a big helper too.
The best part....we got to try syrup straight from the boil....yum!  They also treated us to sugar snow....maple syrup poured in snow --the instructors saved. It from the last snow since we don't have any on the ground....what a wonderful sweet time!

Now that they know the basics....they can't wait to boil it at our house....they have been collecting.  We haven't sugared since it was just our two oldest girls.  Everyone is excited to give it a go!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Camp Maranatha Father Son Retreat

This is short overnight retreat that is jam packed with activity and teachings.  It was our boy's second year and they had a blast. The warm temperatures and lack of snow made them change it up a bit but they still had lots of outdoor time and lots of smiles.

They ate lunch on the is sweet Devon.  What sweet memories....

Everyone working on setting up lunch and getting their fill.

Check out the plates on the ice.

A bit of archery....

Hi Ben:)

Guaranteed they came home and dropped into bed for a very quiet night!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rumney Snow Camp

Rumney Snow Camp Homeschool Day is one of our family traditions that we have been doing for years....we went for the first time when we had 2 little girls and they loved it.  We went every year and as our family grew.... That tubing hill was tough when all of our kiddos were really little and we had to carry them and their tubes up....but this year was a dream.  Everyone carried their own tubes and climbed the hill!

They also did a bit of visiting over lunch, skated on the pond most of the afternoon and played in the game room....oh what a glorious day!
Rebecca with bit of help.  She did awesome.
Brandon, Mike and Darrell
Ben showed us he already knew how to skate and loved every minute of it.
Lots of folks we love in this picture
Tubing on the big hill.
Jason with a friend of his.