Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saying Goodbye

Today we were up early, packed and ready to go.  Our little guy struggled in the morning. 

We were off on a kind of adventure before we flew to Nanning in the afternoon (the city where Sara lives).

We ride out of the main part of the city towards the famed Great Wall.  On the way we learned that the city of Beijing fits 22 Hong Kong's inside of it...pretty amazing, huh?  Beijing is a busy city with 22 million is very rarely quiet.  

We left all of that behind and headed for the country side....fruit trees, small villages in the valley, sheep and cattle, weathered farmers working in the fields.  We could see terraced stone walls on the hills reminding me of our New England country side.  Many people worked along side the road sweeping with hand made brooms...I was fascinated.  

We noticed lots of bird nests in the trees made of sticks.  There are no leaves so they were quite noticeable in the trees.  Our guide told us they were magpies.  

The mountains started to dot the landscape and became more visible as we traveled.  They were steep and surrounded the valley we were in and then we got our first glimpse of the Great Wall along with lots of history to go along with it.

We arrived, hopped out of the car and started the walk up towards a ski lift that took you onto The Wall.  It was beautiful....

We climbed off and walked up a small path to the wall.  It is being restored but they have such a long way to go.  At our vantage point, we could see it far into the distance.  We listened to more history.  There were many foreigners around us.

On the towers, they would collect wolf dung and use it to light the signal fires because it burned black smoke.  Today they still use the phrase 'smoking wolf' to signal danger.

And then came the fun part ....we rode down the mountain on an alpine slide.  Jacob squeeled with delight...have to say I did too!

The staff on the slide were amazing too...they were so excited for Jacob.  They told him he is lucky to go home with us.  How sweet is that?  It was a bright spot in our day.

It was a good day out for us....away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

We then made the trip to the airport.  After more paperwork issues with getting Jacob in the plane ...we managed to get it done just in time to go through expedited security and walk onto the plane just minutes before it left.  

On the plane, we introduced Jacob to our favorite family game...Uno!  He caught on quickly and won the first game!  We are discovering his English vocabulary is much bigger than we first discovered and are grateful he is so quick at picking up new words....Bejing is now behind us,  we are getting settled in Nanning now.  Today is a day of rest which is something we so desperately needed.

We are grateful for the things we have experienced...many firsts for Jacob, lots of insight into the history of China and its people.  We loved it here and will miss the people and places we experienced.

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