Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers...Timber Rattlesnakes that is!

timber rattlesnake by Brendan CliffordYikes!!  One of these was found at our neighbors house this past weekend...seriously at our neighbor's house like right next the rocks they have to hold up an embankment on the hill their house is built into...what is it you might ask??

A Timber Rattlesnake!  A docile snake as far as snakes go (at least that is what the website says) but I seriously don't want to get that close!  Fish and Game came out to capture this one and remove it to another location...they said it is the 4th they have removed from this area (between the neighbors and 1/4 mile down the street) this spring so far.

Our neighbors have lived here for over 20 years and its the first one they have seen!  I am hoping it is the last one for awhile.

Facts about the Timber is extremely endangered here in NH due to mining, development and people collecting them (?WHY?) and getting hit by cars.  They hibernate from November through May and use the same dens for generations.  They give birth to live young in the fall.  They love sunny outcroppings of rocks...just about our whole back yard because, after all, we live in the Granite State.

Even though that is really cool, I am concerned for our kids who stomp through the woods here everyday!  We went over some safety with them tonight at the dinner table and talked about being careful.

Shortly after moving to this area, we learned the hill we lived on was Rattle Snake Hill.  We were told not to worry, there aren't any around any more.  Well, guess that was a wrong statement!  Keeping our eyes wide open here in our little neck of the woods tonight and always!

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