Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Broken Glass, Spoiled Work and Being a 'Big Person'

Sometimes we just can't get it right...no matter how hard we try...things just happen.  We have had a busy week of camp for most of the kids.  The 5 and 7 year old go for 1/2 a day and the older ones go for the whole day.  This means that the little ones and mom are making 3 trips a day to camp to drop off and pick up!  Add to that the normal workings of a foster family with visits with family and workers, laundry, meals, showing and selling our beloved pop-up (a story for another day), jumping in the pool to beat the 90 something degree weather outside...well, just say our days have been busy.  Not sure what ever happened to the slow days of summer but the kids are enjoying themselves at camp and it is just for this one week....but...

tonight as we finished dinner late because we lingered in the pool, Darrell was preparing to head out to a meeting with a friend and the family who bought the pop-up showed up to pick it up all about the same time.  I was in with the kiddos cleaning up, getting dessert out, working on pj's and such...I had also  put a huge pan of ground beef that I had purchased to do some make ahead meals to cook while we ate dinner.  So, around all the usual hub-bub of what goes on around here, I was preparing several meals to freeze.  I put the finishing touches and asked my 7 year old to help me carry them down the steps to the freezer in the basement.  She  put both hands on it, made it to the bottom of the steps and dropped it.  Our pyrex pan and our delicious cheeseburger pie went into a heap on the floor in about a zillion piece...well from my perspective it seemed like a zillion pieces.  I gasped in disbelief and poor Kiara went flying up the stairs in tears.  I told her it was okay and gave her a few minutes to get herself together while I cleaned lots of broken glass and cheeseburger pie...up and down the stairs to get the broom, cleaners and bags to haul it all out.  It is a busy place so I really needed to get the glass all up with so many little feet around!  I think it was my 3rd trip up to go up the stairs and you would have thought I would have known that I put lots of cleaner on the floor but I took one step and went flying through the air and landed not so gracefully on my bottom!  I just couldn't believe it and made sure my knees were still in place (seriously!) and got up and that is when it hit me-I need to let this go.....

Let it go....I really wasn't upset...but just let it go!  We recently went through a teaching at a friends church reminding us to Praise the Lord no matter what happens...good or bad--whatever comes your way!  This was just another reminder as I was sitting on the floor in disbelief to Praise the Lord!  I love it when the Lord teaches us these things but sometimes I wished he really didn't need to pull our feet out from under us to get our attention--ouch!  It is humbling but will usually get us back on track!

I picked myself up and raced up the stairs to change my clothes now covered in cheeseburger pie and cleaner to throw it into the laundry and then raced into Kiara's room to tell her my revelation.  I told her yes, I spent a lot of time working on that and there was a whole meal we had to throw out but we both need to Praise the Lord no matter what.  At first, she just gave me a look---mom is going berserk again--but then I reminded her of our day....

...a day when she and I had 3 hours of quality time together....just her and I!  Her love language is food--a lot of food and eating out in public.  We went to Subway where she ate a 6 inch sub and a tall drink...a lot for her little self!  After Subway, we went to the new ice cream shop in town and ate a mini scoop (which is far from being mini...it's huge) in a waffle cone with sprinkles...and yes, I ate one too!  We also visited a thrift shop where we found no great bargains but then came home to break out the beads...something she and I had never done together before.  In the bead box, we found some  things that her older sisters made when they were her age and she wore a beautiful butterfly beaded ring that her sister, Michaela made several years ago (we sent pictures of it to her older sisters to see who the designer actually was).  We swam in the pool after we picked everyone up from camp and their visit and dad even joined us when he got home.  It was a really great day!  When we spoke of all the great things that happened in our day...it seemed rather small that I had gone sailing through the air with the greatest of ease and she broke the dishes.  We both laughed together as we remembered our day and chose to thank the Lord for it!  What a blessing it was and is as I sit here and remember that the Lord is good and wants his best and uses the simple every day things to remind us of His goodness!

On another note, at Wilderness Camp this year, Jason is following in his big sister's tradition and became an official 'Big Person' at camp.  When you age out of the camp program, you are asked to come back as a camp counselor...all who just volunteer to do this job on the hottest week of the year each year!  He is having fun despite coming home exhausted each day...great job Jason!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.-Jeremiah 29:11

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1Thessalonians 5:


Jason, our new Big Person

Michaela's ring

The ring Kiara made today

Some beaded treasures we found in the beaded box that the older girls and I made many years ago

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