Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Pool, Snakes and Alligators

Last August a tree took out our pool. We had long discussions as to whether we would replace it but after a long process and many days of building the new deck around all the spring rains we have had -----the project was finished today! We are enjoying the bigger deck and new pool!

Earlier today while I was running errands with some of the littles, the boys were putting the finishing touches on the deck. When I arrived home and started unloading the few things I bought Harmony ran around back to check out what the boys were doing...she was barefoot as usual. She ran under the deck and ignored the boys telling her to stop! A large snake was under the deck and was running over the wagon ad other toys. She screamed and ran to tell me about the big snake! I dislike snakes very much---eww. Dad and the boys went on a search for it and cleaned out underneath....moving all the wood! I am excited about that part! I kept asking if the basement door had been closed. Harmony and Brandon assured me the door was closed and the snake disappeared. We still don't know where the snake went but alligators have now been sighted in the area!

Kiara, the Alligator wrestler

Harmony the star


Dad 'helping' Jason in

Brandon trying to relive his baby days

Jess the Seal tamer

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  1. This made me laugh! Sorry about the snake but glad no one was hurt. Your pool and deck look amazing and fun. :-)