Sunday, July 28, 2013


Sometimes people often ask questions out do curiosity about our family not realizing it sometimes feels like an interrogation.... 

That very thing happens often to me and even happened today at of the moms asked questions about our family....why did you grow your family through foster care? Why adopt? Why so many? How do you keep everyone 'safe'? As the questions tumbled out of her mouth I knew there must be a reason for all of this....and there was....a family member in her life had a baby and they were faced with the decision whether to step in for a baby or not....she was trying to figure out why we would do what we do when they had decided to turn away from someone in their own family. But these are the times that make me think about the Lords leading in our family and the word that comes to mind is PERSPECTIVE.

It is all about perspective and God is usually involved in stretching us and changing our perspective as he leads us through trials, introduces us to new people who challenge us with living more for him and more dying to self. Dying to self has been a theme in studies lately that keeps resurfacing and it has challenged me in how I think about the calling on our lives to do what we do each day and look at it through His eyes.

Why foster care and why so many was answered to this is where The Lord has lead us! As for the number, I remember as a new bride telling my mother in law that anyone with 4  kids must be crazy....insert foot to mouth as I often spoke then before thinking as my husband is the oldest of 4 kids....yes I said 4!  When we started this journey we never envisioned 4,5 or even 6 kids. now we find ourselves with 9 and tell The Lord that He is now in charge of the how many will eventually join our family. When we let Him take over our lives amazing things happen and our perspective changes! Six kids seems pretty easy and the addition of more doesn't seem so crazy any more!

As foster parents we are often told that the kids we have are so lucky to be with us but perspective has changed this....we feel so lucky to have hem in our lives because they have changed us more than we have changed them. We have given them safety, security,love...a home. In return, we have received security and safety in knowing The Lord will provide for us no matter what, grateful for the things provided, the friendships and support that have been forged, and the love of children who remember what it was like before in their lives before coming here.  Everyone's perspective has changed and while we walked this road together the greatest and most amazing thing happened....God knit our hearts together to form a beautiful family.

What perspective is The Lord changing in your life? What area are you being challenged in ....let God do his marvelous work in you and see what things change in your life!


  1. Louisa well said from my bride of twenty five years.
    It is truly amazing the change in my perspective toward the size of our family. Is the quiver full? Only our wonderful God knows.

  2. I love every word in this. Well-put. Thank you.

  3. Howdy Louisa!
    Great post! We were just asked some very intense questions at two of our three camping spots this weekend! You are truly right. It's perspective. We must always be prepared to explain the hope that lies within us! It's all part of being in this mission field God has called us to! Right??

    I chuckled when I read your post about church on Sunday. I know EXACTLY who you were talking to just by your description. I, too, have been at the receiving end of such questioning from that very Mom!

    Remember this..."Do not grow weary while doing good for in due season, you shall reap, if you don't lose heart!"...Galatians 6:9.

    We sure do love you all, and thank God for your "perspective!"

    Us Winslows

  4. This post and the idea of perspective has been burning in my heart for awhile and has challenged how I have approached a lot of my normal everyday has taken my ordinary day and quite seriously turned it upside down into a fresh new way of living... My prayers have been to give me a new perspective and the revelation has been just amazing!

  5. Mary I am sooooo glad you too have been interrogated by the church mom! Thanks for the reminder of our mission. As I write this I am sitting on the floor between the 2 younges littles who had a visit today and have been having their usual struggles. It gives me think time to reflect on my day and how I shared a part of our adoption testimony today with someone in the case and I watched her tears run down her face as I spoke. It was a beautiful thing to see her reaction to something I have learned to take for granted....the stories of our children and what they have endured to finally walk through our door and come home is very humbling when I think that The Lord has chosen us with all of our mistakes and stuff to parent these kids.

  6. Oh Louisa, yup...we know EXACTLY how you feel! Yes, when we face the day ready to serve the Lord and the mission field He has us in, it's amazing! We had MANY experiences just like that telling our story on our vacation. It was awesome! Same types of reactions from people, too. Lots of emotion! It truly does keep things fresh and new when we are allowed to see it from someone else's view point.