Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Weekend

We actually had a busy weekend at our place!

Liberty came home! She has been away for 2 months in training with our daughter, Jessica. She is looking great!

We went to Anya's graduation party. I just can't believe she is finished with high school! Besides lots of tasty treats...she treated us to a afternoon with Wildlife Encounter. We saw snakes, birds and even a wallaby! It was awesome and the kids were much braver than Mom!

We also did some work on the pool deck.

Liberty is looking fit after being worked so hard by Jess!

Jason testing out the new improved Liberty.

The boys watching the snake intently.

Jason was the video man for the the show.

This was one BIG snake!

Have to admit the Hedgehog was so cute...Jess is checking him out.

Jason is a trusty helper.

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