Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Conqured by Love

And the greatest of these is love....

We we're so grateful to be welcomed with open arms by the Razvi family with Conquered by Love Ministries.  After being given a strong recommendation by a friend of ours, we called them and had an immediate invitation to come to their home that very night.

After some connecting by phone, email and texts about our family and situation ...we were given some very real things to put in place for our family immediately---which we did.  Meanwhile, we worked in getting some time off of work for Darrell and traveled to their home several hours away over the next weekend,

We were welcomed with open arms, introduced to everyone, and shown around the home to make everyone comfortable.  Their children immediately came around ours and offered support, companionship and accountability. Tammi and Imran talked to us, observed us with our kids, gave us some much needed recoop time as well as positive feedback and suggestions to make things different.  For the first time ever...there were no bandaids....

They showed us how to help our kids heal, our family heal, and how to get started right away.

It was refreshing, encouraging and most of all...emblazoned us with immense hope for our entire family.

Kiara even said, "if Michaela and Jessica were here, this would be my perfect place.  She was the last one to leave the house and didn't want to go but I gently reminded her that we both wanted the same thing. She agreed too.

Darrell and I spent our 8+ hours riding home in the car with our sweet children with great hope in our heart for our children.  We planned what our next few months would look like and what changes we needed to make to keep our family on track.

We have devoured their books, philosophy and have seen it working already in our home.  Our children were inspired by what they saw...they have made great efforts to accept the changes and be encouraging to everyone.

We've come back...and the work has begun...so many things have changed, even the older girls have seen a difference already.  It has been a blessing to our family and we are grateful for this families heart to help other adoptive family's....thank you Razvi  family.

Check out their ministry page at Conquredbylove.org

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