Tuesday, May 27, 2014

50 years to rack our brains over.

My parents just recently celebrated their 50th anniversary except the actual celebration is coming up in a few weeks.  We have planned food, decorations and activities.  

One of the activities we have worked on is a number presentation idea we found on Pinterest.  For each year of their marriage we had to come up wig something they did during their marriage or something that happened the year they were married.  Like #25 is the cost of gas the year they were married or #11 is the number of countries stamped in their passport.

It made all of us especially my folks put on their thinking caps about the last 50 years.  Some came easy but others not so much.

We giggled on the phone one night as I questioned them over and over with possibilities....some, I did research on through the internet, and then others took a day or two for them to really rack their brains over something to fit the numbers.

In the end, we have a fun tribute to the events, and things they did as a couple and they had fun reminiscing over those years.  A treasure that I will enjoy at their party knowing the fun they had when they put it together.

I am looking forward to getting together with them to celebrate this important milestone in their lives!


  1. What a wonderful idea!! I love it. And may borrow it when my parents get to their 50th. 2020 is their 50th year. :-)

    Happy Anniversary to your parents!