Friday, February 24, 2017

The Adventure Continues

Things are moving rapidly in our adoption process!

This week we made it through the National Visa Center to Article 5 Pickup.  The process that usually takes weeks only took 2 days once it was logged in.

We see God moving the mountains before us....

I spoke with a friend yesterday about what had transpired in the last 24 hours....she couldn't believe it.  She said it so exciting to be a part of the journey to Sara and Jacob!  She sees such evidence of God at work in the whole process ...

It is amazing!

We agree....God is amazing and He is moving mountains right before our very eyes.

We are so grateful to the people that have been involved every step of the way....people who have amazing hearts for getting kids into families.  It is a beautiful thing and we are so glad to
be able to walk beside them in this journey or as we say here at our house....the Lowman Adventure!

Hoping to have news shortly about TA (Travel Approval) which means we book our flights and finish packing ....which we are just about done on the packing part.  Just trying to make the 70 pounds of luggage weigh 50 pounds in our suitcases...we will continue to jostle things around until we have that part down.

Meanwhile....We continue to covet your prayers on our journey!

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