Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Heart of a Child

So many things seem to amaze me any more in our daily life. We see God's hand of provision on every front and feel his many prompts to do what he is calling us to do...

Our son Jason is one of those amazing people that has an incredible heart for the orphan...those that are truly the least of these. The totally amazing part is that he was once an orphan....he is stepping out in prayer and is amazingly with his words to The Lord on behalf of the orphan. He was just given a belated Christmas gift and turned around and wants to give it all away to a family we know who is raising funds to adopt overseas...without concern or thought for himself he never even hesitated and is even concerned as to why he can't give more. At 12 he has incredible insight to what is really important in the world...he is amazing and a blessing in our lives. We love him very much!


  1. Praising God for you Jason! What a testimony to the Lord! Orphans caring for orphans...nothing could be sweeter!

  2. Jason, you are amazing! And awesome! We miss you!