Tuesday, September 27, 2022

End of Summer Activities

As we try to linger and hold onto our summer just a bit longer, I couldn't help but post some things about all that we did....wonderful beach days with friends, horse lessons and of course all of the work that goes along with that and making sweet memories too.

The summer is just not complete without ice cream, milkshakes and fun activities to top it all off!

This post is just a mix of fun things to remember a fabulous summer!  It's a wrap and one for the books!

First Day of School



The first day of school photos are always very special even if they do sometimes crack me up at the funny faces they make.  We always start our first day with plans, photos and of course handing out the books.  This year, we had some in high school as well as a few in the elementary grades.  It makes for some exciting days.  I love these kids will all my heart and am so proud of all of their efforts!



                                                 The whole crew....this picture about sums it all up!






Happy Birthday Michael

It's always cool to have extras around the table to help celebrate a birthday!  The Winslow's and Miss Martha graced us for Michael's birthday celebration.  It made it all the sweeter to have a few friends over!

Who can believe Michael is 19!  I am so proud of the amazing young man he is becoming!  He is always making a laugh a bunch too!  You've been warned....he is the family comedian! 

                                                         Happy Birthday Michael!!


 There is just never enough beach time and so some years, we make the best of it and run every chance we can.  We are only 30 minutes away but sometimes with the pressure of it all, we don't get to escape enough.  These days are all treasures.  As we watch our kids grow up and out, coming together is even more special. 

Football, sand castles, sea glass, waves, fun snacks and antics make for a special day!

There is just something magical about putting your toes in the sand...all  of our cares wash away with the tide and I will always treasure these days together.

A Great Shot!

One of the local gun clubs has a monthly kids shoot.  They provide the guns, ammo and space and we show up.  The cool thing is sometimes, we are the only ones and have the range to ourselves the entire evening.

 It gives us a good chance to try our skills out and of course, the bragging rights to who was the best shot! 

Family Beach Day

Beach days are the best!  What could make it even better?  Having everyone together at the beach! 

                                      Puppies, sand castles, waves, boogie boards....did I say sand? 

Ben was buried and then we put food on him and slowly watched the seagulls move it.  It was so funny to see how close they actually got.  Ben is a hoot anyway, so it just made it all the more fun!

Hunting for sea glass is Sara's favorite thing and Jacob is usually hanging out with her on the adventure.  She has an amazing eye and always comes home with a few pieces. 

These boys just never stop....waves all day long and then they don't want to leave....but all good things must come to an end. 

Ben's building abilities...Michael and Kiara chimed in too on the creation.  Sweet memories!

                                                         Loving my family beach days!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Tie Dye Party

Each year, our older girls come up with fabulous ideas to celebrate everyone's birthday and offer it as a gift to each of us. This year, we had a tie dye party!  It was so much fun and everyone had a shirt to remember this fun day.

Some of us over achievers (haha) did amazing designs on our shirts.  It was so exciting to see how they turned out!

We got some baby snuggles in there too and of course, they got a fun shirt to wear!  We also had a family meal together-that was my job!  It was such a fun day together!

It ended with a fun evening on the front porch in the summer!  Can it get better than that?  I sure don't think so!  Love my family!