Saturday, June 3, 2017

Birds and Fish

We've had some fun opportunities recently with the outdoor club at our church.

One evening recently, they brought in bird rehabilitator who worked with birds of prey.

She showed us several types of owls, crows, hawks and some hybrids.  

They were amazing...she showed us the details of these magnificent birds.

There were lots of ohhhhs and ahhhhhs.

This past Saturday, mom was at a women's retreat with these ladies for a wonderful time of teaching, relaxing and fun.

Dad took all of the kids at home plus friends of ours to the outdoor clubs annual fishing derby.  Twelve kiddos in all!

Everyone was put into teams and we then waited patiently.

Devon caught the 2nd fish and got a prize.

Jacob caught the biggest fish measuring in at 11.5 cool is that?

Everyone agreed it was great fun.

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