Monday, May 29, 2017

Why Alert?

Forging Extraordinary Men who influence their World for Christ...that is the Alert motto.

We've been asked....

Why did we send our son to Alert?  

What is the purpose?

I answered each of these questions to the best of my ability...but now that my own son has walked through this journey....I feel I can answer more confidently.

First, our family is an Alert Cadet family.  My husband runs the NH 1st Bravo Cadet Unit.  I have seen great benefit for my husband and boys....they are excited to go, serve and work hard.  They have learned many character traits in their training.  Other dads have come along side all of them with great wisdom and support.  They now have a heart to serve.

It has given our boys a place to try their leadership skills, learn about good character in a place where they can be taught, evaluated, and encouraged.  How cool is that?
Because my hubby is a part of Cadet, we've been to the International Alert Academy in Texas and met leadership of the Alert organization and some of the men coming out of the program.

We saw their character strength, their heart to serve and amazing confidence....who wouldn't want those things for their sons....but we also saw these men sold out to Jesus.  

Our own sons saw the difference in these men and wanted to go to Alert.

We spoke with staff, former Alert men...we've done our home work.

So....from a mama's point of view....I've narrowed it down to 3 "C's" of Alert that were important to our family.


The most important thing was Alert pointed our son to Christ.  He was required to get into the word daily and journal how the Lord was speaking to him.  He had to memorize the entire book of 1 Peter....have you read that book?  All 5 chapters?  

Alert had a Chaplin working with these boys to help them walk out with their own faith...not mine, their dads or our families.  They made it their own.  The Chaplin also was a part of their other training and walked alongside them in some of the harder challenges.

They prayed over our boys....they lived and walked every day with our boys.  They knew their down falls and pushed them and challenged them in the areas they needed to be pushed.  

But... more importantly, they knew who would ultimately make the changes in their life...Jesus Christ.


Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity
1st Timothy 4:12

Honesty, integrity, hard working, boldness, self controlled, all of those things....Character was the one thing that originally drew us towards Cadet.  

Character is the thing our boys noticed in the Alert men.  

Character training is a huge part of our home schooling.

It is something we value...Alert men have good, strong character.


This may not seem like a big deal to most...but Darrell was in the Army.  There is a special bond for those that walked that path and we knew this would be an outcome of this experience but in a much different way.

We've been around Alert and Cadet enough that we know there is a great connection to the men who graduate.  They stay connected the staff and to one another.

This is a wonderful gift to have though will give them an accountability partner to go to who has been trained in solid, Christ centered thinking...a good thing.

Now....there are many other reasons to send your boys to Alert.  It is a huge package for our boys to give them skills in thinking outside themselves with a big piece of humbleness...we even joked at home that is where he is going to be made into a man but I am thinking there was a lot of truth in that statement ...forging extraordinary men.

We are proud of what our son has accomplished through Alert Basic Training and are excited to see where he will go next with the next phase of training.

Don't you want your sons to be extraordinary men who influence the world for Christ?

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