Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Unexpected Barn Time

They call this love....

We had a wonderful day at home today....we raked the flower beds out, pulled all the bikes out of storage...the usual kind of spring things.

We worked hard....really hard.  We hoped to have a camp fire tonight but our horse Liberty had other plans for us...

I snuck out to have some horse time this afternoon.  I was out in the pasture to find the top part of Liberty's eye lid hanging...it's kind of gross.....the vet is on the way.  I was told to not let her rub her eye on anything as it can do more damage.  

Got it.

Now we wait...enjoying the quiet munching of hay and the occasional nicker to the kids playing.

I am sitting in her stall with hot tea and my iPad while my kiddos run around playing outside because...that's what love is.

The vet came.  She is all sewn up now....a good thing!

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