Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mount Kearsage

It was a beautiful day.....

What was more beautiful is that we had nothing on our calendar...the first day in weeks.

Quite unexpectedly, we all decided to jump into the van and go climb a mountain....seriously.

We met Michaela and drove to the base of the was early afternoon when we arrived.

We set out with 12 Lowman's and 2 dogs...the black flies were intense....really intense.  We started the climb and realized that Jacob was going to need assistance just about step of the way.
Ben stepped up to assist me in getting him was physically challenging for all 3 of us.  We were also carrying packs.  We soon handed off Jacob's to one of the girls who don't have survival packs yet.  He balance was much better without it.

It took us two hours to get to the top...2,900 feet up.  This kiddo didn't give up.

We had a few mishaps here and there with some of the other kids but it all worked out.

We were exhausted by the time we reached the top but the views were....

you could see far...

really far.  

Lakes, mountains, roads, farms....such a beautiful site from the iconic New Hampshire views.

This boy as well as the rest of us we're excited to be up here.  

We had some snacks, took pictures, and before starting the decent down.  We were tired...really tired and we had to get back down on the steep trail.  

Ben was tired but he stuck close by....Kiara and Sara stepped into help Jacob.  Despite a few slides, we made it down.  It took us another 2 was good.  

Team work is what made us was a beautiful thing to see our kids stepping into this role willingly.  It was so cool to hear them cheering him on.

The benefits....It gave Jacob so much confidence.  The next day he learned to ride his bike...something that he had been working on and had the scrapes to prove it.  I believe he found the confidence somewhere on that hike.

I am sure it won't be the last hike but grateful we have a few days to rest up!

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