Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hershey smells so good....Chocolate World at was a gloomy day outside but beautiful inside....lots and lots of people joined was rather crowded but we added to the crowd and were able to chat away as we went!
A shot of all of as we stood in the lines...

A shot of some of our family in the car behind us when they turned ....and then Santa!

Eli's first time on Santa's lap....he was SO excited.  He asked for a Lollipop!  That's pretty easy.

Devon told him he wanted a real motorcycle and a lollipop....I sense a theme here.

Rebecca wanted a lollipop too.

Joe has other ideas for gifts but enjoyed Santa too.

Here is our crew waiting in line but the house made of KitKat bars...they wanted to know if they could eat their way through.
We then rode through the the Hersehy light display music and lots and lots of lights to be seen.

We headed back to the Danekers for yummy pizza with family...Darrell met us there.  He had been to a Flyers game with his sister, Suzy.

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