Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Colebrook Railroad

This beautifully restored train was the setting for one of our family adventures .....to say trains are loved in our family is an understatement!  My husband Darrell is an avid train lover and this was a gift to our family ... he was in his glory on this trip.

Here is our gang with the conductors ....these men are all volunteers and love their job!

The coolest thing....we picked up this Santa in a field on the way as he flagged us down with a hearty wave.   The kids were SO excited!  You could feel it in the air and what a gem he was!

Ben and Eli had never made letters to Santa.  Ben thought he was a bit big for it but we just knew he wanted too but Eli grasped it and made a list.  He is so sweet....a lollipop was at the top of his list!

But this Santa took his time with each child.  Even the ones who were reluctant just totally warmed up to him.  He really cared about them and that came shining through.  He even asked Ben if he knew the real reason for the Season and told him about Jesus!

Here is Kiara with Santa....look at the smiles!

Even the big kids loved on Santa!  Jason hugged the guy too!

Devon was in awe.   He did the real Santa test told to him by his cousin, Caris....thanks Caris!  He tugged his beard to see if it was real.....oooppps!   It was real!   How cool was that!

Mike and Santa....Mike just loved him.  Who couldn't?

Brandon was perhaps the most reluctant.  But boy oh, boy did he love this man who sat with him quite awhile chatting with him.

Ben was reserved because he didn't know what to think....but I think he wished he wrote his letter because he talked about it for quite awhile afterwards about never doing that before.

Now this one ...saying Eli loved Santa was an understatement!  He was so over joyed he squealed with great delight!   When we got off the train, Santa was standing there....Eli jumped into his arms and told him thank you!

Joe was excited too and made a letter for him!

Here is some of the crew with Aunt Suzy....

Oma and Eli sat together but we were able to walk around and visit during the ride and many kids had numerous seats on the ride!

What a wonderful morning on a beautifully decorated and restored train....great time!

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