Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Strasberg Railroad

Everyone who really knows our family knows Darrell loves trains!  He talks of his grandfather working in the PA railroad and the trips he took with him as a young boy.  He will tell you of the time he walked into an East German train store when we lived in Germany and bought one of every train in his gauge for almost nothing because of the amazing exchange rate.

So....when the chance to ride a train comes along....we jump!  We love this old train....we've ridden before...we reminisced about the last time....Kiara was in an infant seat (she is now 11).  It is such a treasure as it passes corn fields, Amish buggies, and big farms in the countryside of Lancaster county, PA.

We just happened to be there the day before Thomas the Tank Engine day....we saw the set up and even sneaked a peak at Thomas and his friend Percy in the Engine rooms.
Kiara with Oma and Suzy.  Thank you Oma for the treat!

Here is Mike and Ben with our other Oma....she treated us all to lunch....yum!
Joe staring out at the crib fields ...there were horse teams and farmers working in them.

Rebecca, Eli and Aunt Carolyn hanging out together....thankful for her day off so she could join us too!
Devon taking it all in and you can't help but notice the barefoot of Becca.  We ended up at Good and Plenty for dinner which we were also treated to....such a blessing!  We are our fill and met up with a bus load of folks from China...Ben and Eli were thrilled and chatted to a mom and her daughter.

Such a sweet day making fun memories!

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