Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Plimoth Planation

Our kids made a unique request for Christmas this year ....rather than exchange gifts with my sister kids.... could we take that money and do something together?  A long weekend was suggested doing something together ....they didn't care on that point....just as long as they were together.

I love their hearts....the question was posed and was received well...we made plans.

We all headed to Cape Cod to go camping together for 5 days.  We planned to visit Plimoth Planation, swim a bit, and do whatever else we discovered along the way.

We met on Sunday evening....it took them much longer as they had the farther distance to travel and they just purchased a huge camper that they were towing behind them along the way.  We arrived early and set up our tent, cots and camp kitchen.
We enjoyed dinner together and then headed to bed...it was late and we had an early morning but thankfully a short drive.

We headed to Plimouth Planation the next morning....a first for all the kiddos we had in tow.  We had talked extensively on what they would encounter and how to interact with the actors.  It was amazing to see the spark of learning and the amazing questions everyone asked.  Joe, Becca and Eli were able to help Mrs. Brewster make some chicken stew....they were so excited to step back in time!

Here Ben and Devon took turns grinding corn in the Indian camp kitchen.

Everyone checking how comfy the beds were in thenIndian lodge, passed around tools and asked questions of the local Indians.

Checking the view in the fort.  Jason was very excited to see the post and beam construction.

Afterwards, we headed to Friendly's...don't they look happy eating their ice cream?  The were really tired at this point and it showed...we decided to sugar them up!

The girls section....chatting away.

All of our kiddos did well together....the adults actually got to sit together and share conversation with minimal interruptions ....cool, huh?

A few days later, we headed onto the Cape and drove around a bit, discovered a light house enclosed with fog, found a fun little country store with penny candy, and went out for seafood.

All the kiddos along the coast....

Isn't it beautiful?

Lots of yummy food at a local seafood spot....

We played tons of games, went swimming, campfires, s'mores, shared meals together, wonderful stories and jokes (which we keep on hearing), and made awesome memories!

I would make the claim it was an wonderful gift....Merry Christmas Daneker Family!

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  1. We enjoyed hanging with the Lowman family. Merry Christmas to all of you too. (For some reason, this has me as the wrong person, but from...)
    The Danekers