Sunday, July 24, 2016

Out on the Railtrails

We love to walk as a family and recently decided to bring our horses to help the kids work on some of their natural horsemanship skills and the smaller kids brought their bikes.  It didn't go as completely planned but it sure was a glorious day and an adventure for sure! of our newest riders taking a break ....

We had the kids in teams according to who works with what horse...the newer kids found themselves being pushed around a bit so we had the more experienced kids take over.

Jason and Eli with Liberty.

Mike and Ben had Spirit dong well after some review.

Kiara with Krystal....her partner gave up and took off running to catch up with the big kids....she loved the time alone with her buddy.

We took a detour around a beautiful pond on a family farm near is an amazing property and they let us walk as long as we stay in the trails.

We need more work on some of the horse skills but it was a beautiful day overall.

Together was a fun place to be!

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