Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Father's Day

On Father's Day....we went to church and then headed to lunch for a special dinner celebration.  We then slipped on our swim suits, grabbed Michaela's dog and headed to Fort Foster.

It was a beautiful day....but that water was quite chilly.  It didn't stop our kiddos from getting in....I sure wished we brought sweatshirts.  

They built sand castles, ran around like sillies, found treasures in the tidal pools and got wet.  Bailey liked chasing the ball into the ocean over and over too.
Shocking how cold it was at first.  Eli said, "come on it....I can't even feel my legs anymore.  It's great!"

No thanks Eli but we laughed pretty heartily.

Brrrr...Michaela testing out the waters.

Here is some of our crew at dinner....some sporting their shades.

It was fun to celebrate Fathers Day together!

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