Saturday, July 2, 2016

Canobie Lake

What a gift....we won 29....yes, 29 tickets to Canobie Lake!  We gave tickets to several adoptive families to enjoy....what a blessing!

Our entire family enjoyed them recently on a here is the scoop!  The older kiddos who like the wild rides always travel with their big sisters who also like the wild rides....I do not have any pictures of them which is unfortunate.  Darrell and I split up into big kids and smaller ones to make the most of the great rides at Canobie.  Around 2 when the rains came...we slipped out and grabbed dinner together...what a blessing to have everyone together!  From there, Michaela, Jess and Conner went on their merry way but the rest of our troops gladly headed back to the park until closing time.
Dad is always our driving teacher for our young he is practicing his scarey look with Becca!  Think he nailed it.

Here is Becca on her trusty steed.

Captain Devon in his boat.

Kiara and Eli on the Sky ride...a good thing.  Last year, Kiara did all of these rides by herself...she was too big for the smaller rides and didn't like the crazy ones yet.  She was so happy to have a buddy this year....

It was fun to see glimpses of the Winslow family and some of the big kids got to ride some rides together with their big kids...the rain really cleared the park out!  

Our family got noticed a few times and we were able to share our story with a few folks.  One woman asked me about what is was that she noticed but couldn't put her finger on that was different and kept us going....that was one of the easiest answers she asked....we pointed her to Jesus!

Such a wonderful family day!  A good blessing....

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