Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beautiful Brown Eyes

All of our children went for an eye exam this spring.  Ben and Eli needed to go...we knew there were issues that we were seeing.

Eli came home with glasses....they lasted a month before needing replaced.  We have put systems in place for him to take better care and know where they are...and it is working. Well, almost.  He can't believe how big and bright things were....that happens with 800/20 vision.  We had to build up to wearing them all day which is handling quite well now.

Here is a picture of Eli sporting his new glasses on a recent family outing.  Kiara and he are in the sky ride.

Both boys have different eye issues that have the same solution ....patching them for 4 hours a day.  Neither of them are fond of this daily routine.  We tried to make it fun and let them choose their own patch colors....one is bright orange and the other is black with flames coming out.

We recently visited an eye specialist at our local Children's Hospital.  The good news is the patching is working.  Eli needs an upgrade in his lens already he has made so much improvement.  We are excited about this progress!

It was decided we will patch for 4 more months and go back to the specialist.  At that time, she will reevaluate the boys.

Ben will need eye surgery as the last step in correcting his vision but we are feeling confident it will make a big leap for him in his schooling too.  He will not need eye glasses either as previously thought.

Not bad for 9 eye exams to walk out with only one pair of glasses....such wonderful progress!


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