Thursday, May 5, 2016

And Then There Was Ben....

This guy....

Just have to say as his mom...he is pretty amazing.  He has such a big heart.  He has jumped in with both feet into this family and does his best at just about everything.

He is amazingly neat in his room despite living with a room full of happy flingers!  Wins every bed making contest we've had.  Even puts everything back where it belongs after using it...what is up with that?

Willing to try it all that we have presented him with so far.

Looks out for me and is my protector....out on hikes if he thinks I might need help...he comes racing back to hold my hand down the steep rocky hillside.

He is super excited this week is Mother's Day....

And he is our newest Alert Cadet....he has worked so hard on that!  Memorizing scripture in a language he is still learning....A-MAZ-ING!

Does it all with a smile on his face too!

Love this boy!

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