Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sugar Season here in NH

We were excited today to be a part of a Sugaring class right here in Raymond.  We were greeted by Waldo the turkey.

The boys were able to help collect the sap from the buckets in the woods.

Here, Ben and Eli are filtering the sap to keep out bugs and other debris.

Jason listening to the instructor give many details about trees, gallons it takes to make a single gallon on syrup (40!), and other sugaring facts.

Mike and Brandon listening eagerly.

Brandon in the sugaring room.

The boys listening to the instructor.  Check out the cool beaver pond in the back.  The owners ice skate on it in the winter.  

Joe loved Waldo.  He was a big helper too.
The best part....we got to try syrup straight from the boil....yum!  They also treated us to sugar snow....maple syrup poured in snow --the instructors saved. It from the last snow since we don't have any on the ground....what a wonderful sweet time!

Now that they know the basics....they can't wait to boil it at our house....they have been collecting.  We haven't sugared since it was just our two oldest girls.  Everyone is excited to give it a go!

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