Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rumney Snow Camp

Rumney Snow Camp Homeschool Day is one of our family traditions that we have been doing for years....we went for the first time when we had 2 little girls and they loved it.  We went every year and as our family grew.... That tubing hill was tough when all of our kiddos were really little and we had to carry them and their tubes up....but this year was a dream.  Everyone carried their own tubes and climbed the hill!

They also did a bit of visiting over lunch, skated on the pond most of the afternoon and played in the game room....oh what a glorious day!
Rebecca with bit of help.  She did awesome.
Brandon, Mike and Darrell
Ben showed us he already knew how to skate and loved every minute of it.
Lots of folks we love in this picture
Tubing on the big hill.
Jason with a friend of his.

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  1. Crates are a good idea for helping the less steady kids!