Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Bit of the Sillies at Our House

We can be loud...no, let me rephrase it...we are loud.  But we like to have fun too.

Here a few pictures from the last month or so....

We've had a busy month and half or so....5 birthday celebrations meant lots of cake, ice cream and family get togethers....

It's winter and long days inside mean that sometimes the sillies take over.  We played one day indoors all the games I played at birthday parties as I was growing up.

Here we were catchingup on some sensory play and it kind of freaked Becca out.  We laughed at her reaction to it.

There always oodles of noodles but Bran seemed to take a bit further...notice the chop sticks on the plates ...all the kids who try are getting pretty good using them.

Happy Silly Day!

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