Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reece's Rainbow Family Warrior for the Winslow Family

See this big ole family....they are our dear friends in Real Life.

Doing life with this gang is always part of OUR adventure....their daughter Grace teaches piano to our kiddos, some of their daughters run Bright Lights that our daughter Kiara is a part of, camping trips, Alert Cadet trios together, retreats, and even home school days together.  But..... the coolest thing about their family and ours is our LOVE for Jesus and the Orphan!

Our journey began around those last two things and we have walked along side their family through all of their adoptions....it has been fun to see them grow in size as well as experiences.

They have stepped up to bring home this little sweetheart and make her a part of their family.

We thought it would be fun to step up for them to be their Reece's Rainbow Family Warriors....

What does that mean?

Our job is to support them in prayer....we are working on a prayer team right now to lift up their needs as they come in.

We also put their financial needs out there....did you see their blog?  They have a matching grant right now from LifeSong....it needs some boosting folks!  There is a deadline on that...what a GREAT way to double your money ...more bang for your buck!

We are also working on a fund raiser....look for that soon.  

Check out their blog at .winslowsix.blogspot.com

So....check back often for the latest and greatest on this new endeavor at our home ....so excited for the Winslow Gang and their new sweetheart....oh, and I thought I would add this photo from our camping trip together this summer at Moosehillock in NH.

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